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Best Weight Loss Tips For Fast And Lasting Results

Best Weight Loss Tips For Fast And Lasting Results. Over the time of previous 5 years I have gathered some simple yet and very affective weight loss tips.

I have tried these over some close friends and they are pretty happy with the results, I have tried on male and female individual and I see that most of them were pretty successful with their weight loss goals.

So I am sharing the best one with all of you and I hoping that you all would give it a try and enjoy perfect body.


Weight Loss Tips For Fast

Weight Loss Tips For Fast

Here is a list of Overall Tips for your weight lost plans.

Make a clear goal for Weight Loss Tips Make a clear goal: – If you want to lose weight then you need to set a clear and a realistic goal, I am not saying that anything is impossible, but you need to give a good time to a good weight loss, if you are planning to lose more than 10 Kgs, then you need to give yourself a year, there is no way you lose or you should lose this kind of weight during some months.

Count your calories for Weight LossCount your calories: – It is fine if you are keeping a check on your diet and on your eating habits, but don’t just keep it in your mind, write it down and see how you doing at the end of the week, so you know if the calories you are taking and the calories you are burning, working for your plan and if they are not then the record will actually help you see what is going on and what went wrong.

The Best Way to Lose WeightDon’t Weight Everyday : – This is a controversial point, I know some says keep weighting everyday keep you on track, but I personally think you should give your body at least one week to see if your body is responding to the plan or not, so weight yourself every week, but weight in the morning.

Ask help: – If you get disappointed or loss hope to easily then ask someone to help you in this regard, they weight you without telling your weight,   and ask that one to weight you every week and tell you if you are on track or not or you need more help.

Take Long Term Commitments: – NO matter what diet plan you are taking, don’t think that a week or a month is fine, you need to pay attention on what diet you picking and pick the one you could carry at least a year, Whatever plans you are planning for your weight loss, think in terms of long-term commitment, you have to give it at last a year and I am sure if you don’t cheat with your plans you will get results.

Pick a dream outfit after you lose the weight can tell you this is one of the best and the strongest motivation which never go lose, you pick that dress and pick for the season you are going to start your weight loss plan and give yourself a year and keep reminding yourself that the next year during the same season you will get to wear this dress, and this work every time and keep the dress in a transparent zipper and hang it in your wardrobe.

If you are overweight then there is no off day for you, you need to stick on diet till you get in the line of normal weigh people and then you can try a day off, I normally suggest to pick Sunday for that, you stick on diet food for whole week and Saturday and you can eat your favorite food at one meal time, but eat based on your caloric needs and not how much food is before you, or keep one thing in mind, you have worked so hard to get on this level and no matter what you are eating, would push you a bit down the stairs, so be careful.

If you are going to eat out, drink at least 2 glass of plain water before you go and take 2 more before you order, I bet you will eat smallest potion and when you are already full you will not order too much or you will not order desert, but if you have to order, as the smallest portion of food and dessert possible and share your food with someone else too.

Eat something as soon as you open your eyes, I normally keep a glass of water or a water bottle on the side of my bed and I start my day with a glass of water, (I brush my teeth at night so it’s not gross) and then I pick absolutely apple to go for a 45 minutes walk and take one glass of warm water with one tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar in it when you get back home, no matter what people say, Acv is great for your weight loss and you will actually see it.

Best of luck

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