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Wedding Hairstyles With Flower Crowns

Summer is the best time to get married and enjoy the happiness with warm breeze, and we all love to look our best. But what can look batter that flowers during summer and spring. I know one thing, no matter how expansive and valuable stones you use, you cannot look prettier enough as you can with your natural beauty and with some hint of flowers. Flowers has a very valuable place in weddings, no matter what part of world you getting married, we all love to add some bright fresh colorful flowers in our wedding, but if you are planning an summer spring outdoor backyard kind of wedding with all your loved ones then try some flowers, and just not as your bouquet, but in your tiara too. Nothing can look as classy as Flower Crowns do.

I love Flower Crowns, I personally think it gives a very fresh natural and glowing look to the bride and if you are thinking to get a summer looks which means you love nature so give Flower Crowns a try, I am shearing some simple Flower Crowns looks.

Wedding Hairstyles With Flower Crowns

Wedding Hairstyles With Flower Crowns
Wedding Hairstyles With Flower Crowns for summer Wedding

You would not believe that many of these are DIY and many of these you can get from your florist too. They would be more than happy to help you with your look.

Dress up your wedding hairstyle or find a pretty alternative to a traditional headpiece with a fresh or fabric flower crown. You don’t really have to add lots of flower over your head.

Wedding Hairstyles With Flower Crowns
Wedding Hairstyles With DIY Flower Crowns


If you are looking for a delicate look then you have to pick something very light, very refreshing and charming. A Simple Baby’s Breath Flower Crown or something that Eve would wear if she gets married to Adam LOL

If you are picking something lace, Victorian-inspired Elizabeth Fillmore wedding gown then you should pick something classy, create a sweet and simple flower crown with perfect combination of greens and add some very little shads of flowers.

Wedding Hairstyles With Flower Crowns
Flower Crowns For Delicate Brides

You can add shade matching to your own dress too. Or you can create a contrast too. If you are wearing plain white then you enjoy the liberty to add as many shades as many you like as long as you like it and it does not look overdone. I would suggest Blue and Pink Flower Crown for your beautiful white gown though.

If you are arranging a back yard kind of wedding then nothing can look as classy as straight-from-the-garden flower crown, it will look absolutely perfect with romantic but messy chignon hairstyle, but if you want to let your hair down in natural way then you can try green flower crown with few fresh roses, it looks absolutely stunning.

Wedding Hairstyles With Flower Crowns
Luxurious Flower Crowns

You can always try something Bold, like Blue and Purple Hydrangea Flower Crown
There are millions of options that you can try to get your own Flower Crown, you just have to be a bit creative and a bit of romantic and see how things work for you, you would love yourself for giving it a try when you see your wedding album ages from now.

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