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Victoria Beckham Sells 600 of Her Dresses for a Good Cause on Tea Outnet

Victoria Beckham is one of the fashion icons whose wardrobe makes us dream. To support the association of African mothers2mothers charity, the British designer has decided to join TheOutnet.Com order to provide fashionistas of the entire planet over 600 pieces of her famous wardrobe.

Victoria Beckham has decided to open its luxurious wardrobe for all those who wish, what tempt all fashionistas. The most popular British designer called her mother and her sister to help her choose over 600 fashion pieces for a charity auction. The former Spice Girl has decided to support the mothers2mothers association whose main objective is to reduce the spread of AIDS between mothers and their future children.

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Victoria Beckham Sells 600 Dresses

It is a very strong association with the celebrities who gave envy Victoria Beckham to go to South Africa to meet carrier mothers and working with pregnant women. It was a real experience for the designer who is asked how she could help them: “Going through my wardrobe, I found all these clothes – so emblematic pieces – which reminded me a lot of good memories. I wanted to raise money and share it with them, she explained to British magazine Grazia my mother and sister came and we started making cartons, packing my sister was severe.. I said “Oooooh I can not give it, “and she replied” give me that, put it in a box now … Harper [the daughter of Victoria] never want that!. “to be honest, I’m sure that ‘Harper would have loved some of these pieces – I think I gave the best -. there are many people who will be able to enjoy ”

The wife of David Beckham has collaborated with the English teaching TheOutnet.Com which will sell the various parts selected on the e-shop and between 20 and August 25. The exclusive selection feature fashions dating from her career with the Spice Girls but her appearances on the red carpet on the arm of her husband. We can navigate eg Prada dress she wore with Spices Spice Girls for the film Word, robe Dolce & Gabbana range at the MTV Video Awards 2003 or yellow fluorescent Roberto Cavalli dress worn when launch party for the World Cup in 2006. These garments will be auctioned on the site with a total of two pieces per day. Bags, accessories and scarves have been selected and will be sold by auction or directly on The Outnet. As for benefits, they will naturally be donated to the organization mothers2mothers to help mothers affected by the AIDS virus to protect their children from the disease.

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