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Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Intense Look

Urban decay naked 2 palette look we are creating today is a absolutely perfect for beach parties and I am not applying any sort of base with it, it will be a very simple 3 minutes look which you can create to rock your beach look, I personally think that urban decay know how to rock almost all skin tone, after checking out the Naked palettes during previous year, I decided to purchase the urban decay naked 2 palette, because I was in love with all the different shades they had and I personally love shiny intense shades specially during summer, the day I saw it online, I knew 100% sure that I will buy it once I see it in person and I did, although it was pretty expansive for 12 shades, but I had to buy it, and when I bought that one I know that I’ll end up purchases all the naked palettes but I wanted this to be my first due to absolutely magical shades and I am so excited to crate this look for summer.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Apply Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

We will create the day look with this and I just want you to say that I am not using base with it, but if you have to use some coverage then try some mate look cause the look we are creating today is a bit shiny and intense and if you go for dew shine look then you would look clumsy.

It is a very simple urban decay naked 2 palette look, we will start with applying tint moisturizer all over the face including the eyes and then we will fining the base with some lose powder, I am using bronzer which will look absolutely magical on beach, now we will come to eye makeup, we will apply some primer to keep the look perfect for longer time of period, and then we will apply some mineral lose powder all over the lid to get smooth lids, and oil free too, then we will take SNAKEBITE with small eye shade brush and we will apply it all over the lid, I am not blending it too much, I just wash the lid it the shade and then we will take some fluffy brush and we will blend it all over the lid and let it go over the crease too, now we will take BUSTED with small crease brush and we will apply a smooth line right over the crease and leave it there, it will add some intensity in your look, now take YDK with small fluffy brush and we will start blending it over the create, right over the Busted line.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Now we will take CHOPPER with small eye shade brush and urban decay naked 2 palette, we will apply it over the outer corner and we will push it in the crease too, now take the same brush which has some YDK in it and blend it well over the brow bone, now take some VERVE with flat brush and apply over your lid, tab apply and don’t rub a bit and then take some more and rub over the tear duct and on the inner corner of your eyes.

Now take BOOTY-CALL with liner brush and line under your lower lash line and fed with your finger, and finish the look with mascara, I am not using any liner here, but if you want to then use gel liner or water proof liner.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Best of luck to use urban decay naked 2 palette…

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