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Updo Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair 2015

Updo hairstyles for medium length hair On the catwalk many different hairstyles for summer 2014 were passed. This time, it’s time to take the updo hair trend under the microscope.

The Updo hairstyles for medium length hair is the most romantic hair trend this season. This time the look soft, bulky and messy. During the major fashion weeks include the models of Michael Kors and Giorgio Armani wore this feminine hairstyle.

We all know the scenario all: can not choose between the black or red cloth and therefore have no time to do anything worthy of celebration with your hair. Flair has the solution: a simple updo on the basis of two braids.
Ideal when you get a last-minute invitation to a party proffered or when you have an impatient friend.

Easy updo hairstyles

2015 Updo Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

How does it work?

Divide your hair into two parties and make two braids. The braids should not be far from perfect, because later you get them anyway messy.

What you do with the front of the hairstyle, you determine yourself completely. Have a lock hanging, keep your frou frou or make a side parting. Your hair, your choice.

Take a braid in hand in pulling him in the width. Do this from the bottom up to make. Messy braid Do not mind if a few strands loose. Then do the same with the second braid.

Take the two braids and twist them up until you get an updo that meets your standards. Put everything down with bobby pins and it’s done.

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