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Tricks For Smaller Eyes & Eyes Makeup Ideas

Normally I believe that one should be confident and happy with their own skin tone and they should enjoy the skin they were born with, but this does not mean that one cannot try to create the illusion of the look that one admires the most, I was born with light skin tone, but I keep a two shade darker foundation or concealer to create a darker skin tone when I want; I love and I simply love my hair, I have straight hair and I never used straightener to get finish, but I use roller sometime or a messy puffy hair do to get messy look, so there is no harm in creating the look you like and for that you can learn and try some makeup tops which is the solution of everything.

Today we are going to give you some simple tips to get pretty bigger looking eyes and I am not using too many shades or products, just gel liner, pencil liner, mascara and lash curler.

Smaller Eyes

Tricks For Smaller Eyes

You can see the first one on your right, it is a very simple and yet very interesting look, if you see we just took a plain black liner and I am using gel liner here and we will put a straight line on tight line which will make our lashes look thicker and darker   and then we will take pencil line or any liner you like or feel comfortable and we will apply a thick lien over the outer 1/3 of the lid and then we will apply a line on the lower lash line too, but not all the way, just half of it and create a sharp end like cat eye, but don’t try to add wing, and it will make your eyes look bright and bigger without doing too  much, never ever apply a line on your water line cause it will make your eyes look, smaller eyes.

Now the next one, the first left one is simple and cuter look, here we are trying to create a longer eye and for that we apply a tight line liner and then apply a cuter line over the outer upper lash line and then we apply a thin smooth clean line under your lower lash line and joint it at the end of your upper lash line, but don’t apply any kind of shade on your inner part of your smaller eyes.

Smaller Eyes

Another way to get beautiful bigger and brighter looking eyes is a wing; you just take gel line and probably the darkest shade of black or brown you have and then apply a long and thick wing on upper lash line, let it swing over the outer corner of your eyes and we are not applying any shade on the water line too.

The next left one is almost the same right one, we just cleaned the upper wing into a smoother and slimmer wing and then we apply a smooth line under the lower lash line, just a bit under then line which meets the upper one at the end.

We tried many version of liner, but we did not try anything on inner corner, so we will take same gel liner and we will start from the inner tear duct point and draw a line from inner part to all the way outer corner and we will finish it at the outer corner of the upper lash and we are covering the ¼ of the inner corner of lower lash line too and we are done smaller eyes.

Eyes Makeup Ideas

Eyes Makeup

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