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Tracy Morgan Critical After Horrific Car Crash

Tracy Morgan, American actor and a comedian has been injured seriously after he was involved in a truck accident. A Georgia truck driver has been charged that has made Morgan badly injured and another man dead.

Tracy Morgan is admitted in hospital and has critical condition. Kevin Roper, the truck driver has been charged for one death case and for badly injuring the Tracy Morgan. It was captured that there were 7 people injured in the accident.

But the prosecutor said that there were just 4 person injured and one of them died and one of them was Tracy Morgan injured badly and other two were not injured badly , they left the crime scene. Morgan’s condition remains critical on Saturday and he was receiving an excellent care from his family and the doctors.

Tracy Morgan is still in critical condition in hospital after he was involved in car accident with truck.

The police was investigating that it was a murder or an accident. They found that Tracy Morgan was not in pensive mood on his last program. They found it an accident. The police investigated that the driver could not observe the slow traffic ahead.

Tracy Morgan Car Accident

When he knew about the traffic ahead , it was too late , he tried to stop the truck and pushed the brakes and overturn the truck but couldn’t do any thing and crashed the truck badly. This shows that it was an accident.

It was found that Tracy Morgan and two other injured people were treated in hospital and they remain hospitalized In such an critical condition that it’s difficult to say that they would survive but the doctors and nurses are doing there best to save their lives.

The police officer said that they are doing investigation and are finding that alcohol has played or not played role in the accident , the driver had drunk alcohol or not? The NTS board said that they would soon make safety issues for the truck driving and other.

Tracy Morgan’s fans are shocked to listen such a horrifying scene. They are praying for the Tracy Morgan and two other people that also injured with him.

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