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Simple Effective Tips For Healthy Hairs

Simple Effective Tips For Healthy Hairs. I was facing some issues with my hair last month, as I told you that I tried something on my hair and it messed the moisturizing level of my hair badly and I lost the strength and the shine of my hair.

I have supper oily hair, I was born with oily hair and scalp, but then they get dry and damaged badly, and I was not use to it,I don’t even know how to hands tangled dry hair, and then I tried some simple tips and I am sharing these with you, actually that is the list of the tips I got from all of my friends to have my hair back and guess what, it actually worked.

Tips For Healthy HairsGet Beautiful and Healthy Hair Using Homemade Remedies

Here are some tips to get healthy hair naturally.

1- Always protect your hair from sun, wind and rains and if it is too windy and too hot out there then tie your hair in small tale or whatever you like and cover your hair with cap or with bandanna cause messy weather including sun, heat, dirt, pollution, pollution effected rain water etc can actually destroy your hair completely.

2-Wet hair is very fragile, it is too delicate to brush or rub and they breaks easily, so when you wash your hair, let them get dry a bit before brushing them, wet hair and roots are too delicate and when you brush them, you actually pull them out and increase the damage too, so it is better to let your hair get dry in open air and then brush them, don’t ever run your fingers in wet hair, it is not safe.

3-Use a moisturizing conditioner after every wash, it will restore the moisturizer level in your hair and stop of drying and dull hair issues, you can use any conditioner you want, but try leave in ones, they work as sunscreen too for your hair and your scalp.

4-Conditioning are not for your scalp, they just make your hair and tips healthy and moisturized so start applying Conditioners about 2 inches away from your scalp cause excessive amount of conditioner on the scalp will only make your scalp excessively oily and dull and will attract the dirt and will make your hair look and feel oily and messy.Simple Effective Tips For Healthy Hairs


5-Avoid using heat on your hair, no matter what, try to love the skin you were born with and the things and features Mother Nature gave you, cause heating your hair will only destroy your hair and will increase the dryness and the damage too.

6-Oiling is a very good thing for all kind of hair , one suppose to apply oil to the hair and scalp pretty frequently cause that will not only increase the shine and moisturizer in your hair, it will nourish the roots too which will then lead you to better scalp and hair texture.

Best of luck

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