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Tips For Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup

If you are planning to get ready on your big day by yourself and you are planning to create your own bridle looks then let me tell you one thing, I love the spirit, I love when girls behave so confident and so relaxed for their own wedding and I love to help you girls too, so are you ready to know what you should and what you should not do for your bridal look?. Give your look a trial at least three weeks, but no more than 5 weeks and if you are planning to get new hair style or new shade of fake tan for the big day, then try to get it before and make sure you look what you were imagining.

When you practice your look, try to use the same neck line and shade that you are going to wear on your big day so that you can see how the make-up looks against that neck line and color and then take a picture of yourself in day light and that will actually give you the perfect look and idea if you would look good on that day or not.

Tips For Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup

Tips For Doing Your Own Wedding MakeupPay attention on your eyes and you need to make sure to brighten them with light shade of foundation or concealer and then use shades to hide and cover darkness under your eyes perfectly. If you have a look in your mind that you are trying to get then try to get the big and clear picture of that look and try to use the same and perfect shades and tips for doing your own wedding makeup and pay attention on blending each and every product.

Wedding Makeup LooksEven if you have beautiful long lashes, still use individual eyelashes because that will give you a outstanding look and will give you a perfect look in your wedding photos too and that is one of the most brilliant way to make your eyes stand out and look tips for doing your own wedding makeup far more subtle than a full strip.

You need to get a star look and for that you need to focus on the most important elements of your look, you need to get beautifully natural-looking skin, softly groomed brows and feathery lashes and tips for doing your own wedding makeup add good shades to compliment your white dress. Never ever forget highlighter and contouring, you need to add dimensions in your look and you need to give your photos, if you are planning a day time wedding then go for a light matte shade, and if you are planning evening wedding then go for shimmers shade.

Diy Wedding Makeup TipsNever ever apply too much product on your face for your big day cause that will just give you a artificial and older looks, and that would be the last thing you want on your big day, pay attention on your skin care and use low than medium coverage and it will give you natural and healthy glow and if you have beautiful  skin then you don’t really have to apply thick layers of base on your face, tips for doing your own wedding makeup let the real skin glow underneath the light layer of foundation or concealer.

Diy Wedding Makeup IdeasIt’s a total myth that your make-up has to be thick for the good photographs, or you need to use darker shades, that is totally myth, just be yourself and you will look best,  but if your photographer is going to use flash, then the only thing you need to keep in mind is keep your T Zone matte and that can be achieved with fine translucent powders and blotting powders, tips for doing your own wedding makeup you don’t need to add too much shades or too much powder.

Best Wedding MakeupDon’t keep building up the shades or products and if you think that you look light and dull then let someone else fix it cause now you would only make your own creation over, let someone else add some shade and then have a look if you look fine to your eyes now. Use one or two shade brighter than your regular shade and that will give you perfect look because too brighter and too natural would ruin your look totally.

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