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Time Saving Makeup Tricks & Simple Everyday Makeup

Today I am going to share some simple easy to apply and actually practical too, it’s not like they save your time, but they don’t look good, they acutely look absolutely perfect and naturally.

We will start with the face, if you don’t have time then wash your face with muslin cloth and baby shampoo and tab try it a bit and while it still a bit moist, we will apply base and it will not only look super cool, it blend well too.

You can save all the time by creating your own bas with moisturizer, sunscreen and some slightly darker than your skin tone foundation or concealer, now pour a single drop of all of these on your palm and rub it between your both hands for a while and then apply over your face with your hands, just blend outward and it will look absolutely perfect and you can finish base with lose powder in just 2 minutes.

Makeup Tricks

Time Saving Makeup Tricks

If you need some contouring then buy two shade of foundation or concealer and use lighter shade as highlighter and darker shade as contouring an apply around the face, on the sides of your nose, Makeup Tricks on the hollow of your cheeks and blend in the place and apply blush before applying lose powder and it will give you perfect natural look and it will last longer too.

Simple Everyday Eye Makeup

If you are in hurry then you should use creamy blush which not only look natural and cuter, it work for almost all skin tone and types, just apply in dots and then blend well with finger or with your finger and it will not only look super cuter, Makeup Tricks it will give you a very cuter natural fresh look too.

Simple Everyday Makeup

When you don’t have too much time then use your finger instead of tools and it will give you freedom to blend well, and even and if see some lines on your application then you just need to blend it a bit on the other side Makeup Tricks.

Perfect Makeup Base Tips

If you don’t have time for full fledge eye makeup then take apply primer, never skip primer, and then wash your lid with absolutely nude or lighter eye shad or use white eye pencil and blend well and then use a natural shade all over the lid and blend it over the create too, but not till brow bone and then take the darker shade, you can use the darker shade of this shade too or you can use either darker black or brown and apply on the outer crease and blend in the crease and finish the look with mascara, Makeup Tricks if you have steady hands then you can apply liner or you can try a tightline with gel liner which look supper cool.

Best Makeup Base Tips

When you don’t have time for all the features then your lips are your lifesaver, you just need to forget all the gloss and liners and stick with lipsticks, apply some foundation or concealer all over your lips and a bit around your lips too and blend well and then apply lipstick of beautiful shade and you are doe, you are done for sure, Makeup Tricks but you can steal some time for mascara, don’t you.

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