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Taylor Swift Direct Enemy Could Be Katy Perry!

Taylor Swift Direct Enemy, It seems that there’s trouble in the air between the two singers! Taylor Swift would also not hesitate to affirm that artist, it does not reveal the name, allegedly tried to ruin her career!

The beautiful Taylor Swift is currently the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, has carried on her love life but not only! Indeed, in this interview, the 24 year old starlet refers to a wicked person who allegedly tried to bring down the water a whole tour.

Taylor Swift Direct Enemy

Katy Perry! Taylor Swift Direct Enemy…

It also reveals that the song Bad Blood relate to the person whose friendship has been called into question. “For annéesn I never really knew if we were friends or not she was coming towards me at ceremonies and told me some thing then left, and I was wondering ‘are we friends or so she has just told me the worst insult of my life?. has done something horrible I was like, ‘Oh, we’re just direct enemy ‘and it’s not even about a guy!

It’s about work. squarely She tried to sabotage an entire tour. She tried to hire people working for me. and as surprising as it may seem, I am not at all in the confrontation – you can not imagine how much I hate conflict So now I just have to avoid it It’s weird and I do not like.. not that. “!

A few hours after the release of the interview, Katy Perry grabbed her twitter account to post this: “Beware the Regina George in sheep costume,” referring to the movie “Mean Girls,” whose history revolves around a good blonde girl who becomes evil and falls in love with the boyfriend of her BFF … As a reminder, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have once loved the same man, John Mayer. Thank you for accuracy “it is not even about a guy,” Taylor …

What do you think, you think a little war has been declared between these two?

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