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Supermodel Miranda Kerr With Son Flynn

Supermodel Miranda Kerr With Son Flynn and it literally melt my heart to see her posing with her beautiful glowing baby during Vogue Australia photo shoot, Supermodel Miranda Kerr says that I am posing with the most important man of my life, she is one of the world’s most famous super models and she has a very sweet and cuter baby, a gorgeous three-year-old son Flynn seems to have inherited his mum’s skills too cause he seems enjoying the shoot and he is pretty camera friendly too. While he was posing in an elegant series of black-and-white photographs for Vogue Australia, they both looked very happy and very close to each other. The 31-year-old and her son looking equally at ease in front of the lens, they both enjoyed their time together which made Miranda Kerr and her son Flynn looked picture perfect in the photo shoot they did for Vogue Australia.

I loved the one in which Flynn dressed in a classic white pajama set while Miranda leans over to receive a kiss on the cheek from her young son and they both look so classy and elegant, I loved the shoot that Kate Moss did with her daughter and I love this one too.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr With Son Flynn

Supermodel Miranda Kerr With Son Flynn
Supermodel Miranda Kerr On the cover of Vogue Australia.

Miranda looks absolutely gorgeous with her perfect looks. She picked a sleek black skirt, her hair hanging loosely around her face as she gives a slight smile and I bet her smile will no doubt sell thousands of copies of Vogue Australia over the next month.

Vogue editor Edwina McCann told the media that the shot in Sydney last month and she said that Flynn was a natural on set and they all loved the shoot and his style, ‘He loved it too,’ she said, ‘Loved being involved and working with mummy, and the crew fell in love with him, she said I bet he will pick the same profession cause he is a such a confident little kid and they have a playful relationship with his mom.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr With Son Flynn
Supermodel Miranda Kerr With Her son

She added that it was Miranda’s idea for Flynn appears in the portraits and we all loved it since they both looked very natural together. Miranda and Flynn looked effortlessly chic as they wandered around New York recently and we are kind of use to of seeing these two together and it was fun to watch these two getting clicked Professionally.

Flynn is very young for cameras, but it seems he is not new comer in this field, he looked very stylish in designer pieces, we picked Stella McCartney which is very preferred brand for him and we have spotted him in dozens of debonair ensembles and he carried each of them perfectly and we are looking forward to see him with Harper Beckham;)

Supermodel Miranda Kerr With Son Flynn
Supermodel Miranda Kerr Carrying Her son Flynn

Kerr began dating English actor Orlando Bloom in late 2007 and then Kerr and Bloom announced their engagement in June 2010 and got married following month, she gave birth to a adorable and sweet son, Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom, in January 2011 and everything was so sweet and so cute until October 2013 when Supermodel Miranda Kerr   and Bloom announced that they had separated several months earlier, and intend to end their marriage:(

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