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Sofia Vergara Marry to Joe Manganiello the Good News Just Made Public

Sofia Vergara: Joe Manganiello was nervous before asking her to marry!

The good news just made public, here are the first details about the marriage proposal already emerging!

Yesterday, we reported about That the sublime Sofia Vergara Seemed to Have Become a betrothed woman while on vacation in Hawaii with Her Brother Joe Manganiello, and the rumor says …

Indeed, a source close to the actor That Is APPEAR soon in ” Magic Mike XXL “Alongside Channing Tatum spoke to our colleagues People : ” she Said he wanted to keep it private If It Does not just say yes In fact he sccm About did not. to joke about it. she Seemed Genuinely nervous, thinking That Everything Does not Go as Planned. she Said It Was he an Opportunity Could ounce In Her life with a woman in a million , “Said the source. The actress Must Be Thrilled to-have found this gem!

Sofia Vergara

” It Was not spontaneous. Joe HAS Certainly Provided it in advance and contacted the hotel to the Chat weeks There Are things he wanted to do. He About did not make the request in a public space Even If There Are many beautiful places in the hotel Where the views are spectacular and are well Known As Their Demands Where people make places. Goal Joe Said About did he not want someone comes along and Witnessed Either the szene About did not and he put a flea in the ear of Sofia with security telling people not far They Could not pass not there. ”

Very talkative, the Saami source further Top Went Into detail, explaining que la two lovebirds ” HAD beens not seen much around the hotel on Christmas Day, something That, for many, They Were Meant busy … to celebrate it ! ”
It only Remains to wait for confirmation of key stakeholders and no doubt They Will do a very nice married couple!

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