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Sofia Vergara Beauty Look at Emmy Awards 2014

Sofia Vergara beauty look Take a lesson in style with the beautiful Sofia Vergara! Yesterday took place the 2014 Emmy Awards! A host of stars have pressed on the redcarpet to make a sensational arrival for photographers. And if we let you discover all the required red carpet as of the day that’s the beauty look of Sofia Vergara our fashion radar panicked. Actually, the beauty was all the rage with a hairstyle and make-up star. And as we like to spoil you … We found you all the steps to set the same beauty as the model!

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Beauty Look?

Sofia Vergara Beauty Look hairstyle: if you can afford her stylist Kylee Heath, we can at least take her advice! Start by washing your hair with the shampoo Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky. Separate out your wet hair in half with the line on the middle and dry the top and back of your skull with a brush and roll the hair as a blow dry. Then dry the same both sides of your hair, that you had previously separate, and hold them with pliers so they cool by staying in place. Once cooled, remove the clips and brush all of the hair. Using a curling iron, wave down your strands which will add volume to the hair slightly. Finally, attach with some hairspray.

Sofia Vergara Beauty Look hairstyle -0

The make-up: use a base (Shisedo, € 35.50) for your complexion that unify and opt for a little tan (Rimmel London, € 7.86) under your cheekbones and between central stops nose . Then apply some peachy blush (Topshop, € 9) on your cheekbones. For eyes, forget the eyeliner and opt for a natural look with a bit of eye shadow (Stila, € 25.71) with which you can create a slight cat-eye. Then apply a little mascara volume (The Balm, € 19.29) to lengthen your lashes without the need for artifice. Finally, focus on your lips and go for a glam red ‘(Too Faced, € 25.71), slightly glossy. Earlier, bypass your mouth with a lip pencil (Too Faced, € 21.43). It will facilitate the application of your lipstick.

Then ready to adopt its beauty-look?

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