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Smoky Green Eyeshadow Tutorial & Eye Makeup Tips

Smoky Green Eyeshadow Tutorial & Eye Makeup Tips. The person who introduced me with the world of cosmetic and fashion use to say one thing to get all the attention on your eyes, smoky green eyeshadow tutorial, pick the shade of the color you were born with, if you have blue eyes then any eye shadow of that family will make you look like a diva, if you  were born with brown then any shade of brown family will work for you and if you have any shade of green then any shade of green will make you look more than just perfect, smoky green eyeshadow tutorial, and then the next shade that you need on your lids is the next shade you have in your eye ball, smoky green eyeshadow tutorial, normally  girls with green shade does carry some of the yellow shade too and if you are not one of those then you still can use the yellow bright shade on your eye lid to enhance the eyes you were born with.

Smoky Green Eyeshadow TutorialSmoky Green Eyeshadow Tutorial

Today we are going to give you a simple technique that you can try with any color, you just have to pay attention on the technique and then adopt it with the color you have in your eyes and then see the magic.green eye makeup tips. This is another gorgeous eye makeup look which you can easily try out

You can see that the eyes we are working today has three shades of green, olive green,smoky green eyeshadow tutorial,  light sky green and then yellowish green, and these are the shade we will work with today and we are using green mascara and we are blending it with pure black mascara too, but you don’t have to use colored mascara if you don’t want to then.Leaf Green Eye Shadow Tutorial

We picked flawless skin with that and we all apply the base accordingly and then we will start with eye primer and then we are applying lightly silver base shade on the lid all over from lash to bone cause the skin is slightly dull and too fair so we are adding some shine and some glow,smoky green eyeshadow tutorial, then we will take bright illumine green color eye pencil and then we will draw an outline for the crease and then we will start a wing from the outer corner of the lid and attach it with the  line number one, now take dark dull green and apply on the outer end and then we will take bright green color and fill the line, but leave the 1/3 of the inner part of the lid and then blend well.Soft Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

Now we will take yellowish bright shiny green shade and tab over the center of the lid and rub a bit now take bright silver green and apply on the inner corner of your eyes and blend really very well, smoky green eyeshadow tutorial, take a small brush and take the same shade over it and apply some under the lower lash and on the inner corner of your eyes too, if you see carefully then we did not apply anything over the crease which means we still have that bright highlighter base so we don’t need to apply highlighter on bone, but we did add some  more shade on the wing though,  apply the mascara and you are done.Green and White Makeup Tutorial

Enjoy all the attention you want

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