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Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial For Brown Eyes In 5 Minute

When I was not allowed to put on makeup on my face,I had one pink lip-gloss and one mascara, and I use to apply mascara on my lashes and then would rub it with my fingers and fix the look with wet tissues that was the very first smoky eyes of my life. innovative huh I am a huge fan of eye makeup and I am crazy for smoky eyes,I have tons of shade and looks that I create with Smokey Eye Makeup technique,I have always loved watching divas and celebrities with smoky eye and it still mesmerize me.The look we are going to create today is absolutely a 5 minute look for the time when you don’t have time.I have couple of friend who are one of those girls who plain in one minute and get ready to go in 2 minutes, but I like to have my options so I get ready in Smokey Eye Makeup 5 minutes.I have a long list of looks which I can create in 5 minutes and I keep all these products in a pink cosmetic bag with the label 5 minutes on it.well We all do have some 5 minutes look since the world is getting too fast and we never know when we have to look perfect in Smokey Eye Makeup 5 minutes and to add one new look in your list I am sharing one of my all time favorite look with all of you.

 Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial For Brown Eyes In 5 Minute

We will start with base and since it is a Smokey eye makeup 5 minute look so we will apply a mixture of foundation or concealer and some moisturizer and apply with our hands the way we apply moisturizer and moisturizer will help us to blend it well and then apply some lose powder to finish the look.

Nude Shade Kajal

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial For Brown Eyes In 5 Minute

Smokey eye makeup Now we will apply some nude shade all over the lid,it will not only make lid less greasy and smooth, it will brighten the shades too and then we will take a rich tip Kajal and apply a thick line on the upper lash line, as close to lash line as possible,but still apply a thick rich line all the way from inner corner to outer corner,but don’t try to add wing with it, now we will apply a rich line under the lower lash line and on the water line too.

Golden shade eye

Smokey eye makeup tutorial for beginners

Now take gel liner and apply over the upper lash line, don’t be too careful, just apply a thick line and then blend it with a small brush or you can use your own finger too,apply absolutely smoothly all over the lid,but don’t go over the crease too much, create a smooth curvy crease,now take rich golden shade you have and apply Smokey eye makeup over the lid and blend over the crease too.

Smooth smoky Eyes

Black smokey eye makeup tutorial

Now blend the liner we applied on the lower lash line and create a smooth smoky look and then tab apply some gold under the lower lash line too, now finish the look with mascara and you are done,take some blush and apply on your cheeks and blend with your hands and then apply some lip-gloss and you are ready to go in Smokey eye makeup 5 minuets.

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