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Simple Makeup Tips For Woman With Dark Hair

Today we are going to talk about some simple makeup tips for all the woman who has darker shade of hair, hair places a very vital role to make you look good and make you look bad, cause your hair act as the frame of your face too and the shade of your eye and tone of your complexion is very important too, and that’s why we are here to give you some simple yet very affective makeup tips and tricks which will prove very helpful for all those ladies who has dark hair.

First of all, I would say, you have absolutely perfect hair you are blessed with the perfect hair and you should be proud of it and now we will share some tips to help you regarding your makeup.

Simple Makeup Tips

Simple Makeup Tips For Beginners

You need to pay some extra attention to your eyes because you have a very strong shade of hair so you need to pay attention on your eyes to make them look beautiful or your hair will make them look unnoticeable, the color of your eyes is a very important factor in your situation, yet you still follow the general rule of eye shadows, if you have red hairs or you are a brunette or have super dark hair then browns and grays are the best for your eyes an if you have dark brown or jet black then you can rock any shade with some shimmer.

Simple Makeup Tips For Woman With Dark Hair

Simple makeup tips For darker hair frames you can make your lips stand out too with bright pinks, reds and plums and you can highlight your lips beautifully with mate shades too, but you should try shimmer with deep color and it will make you look absolutely perfect, I normally don’t like when woman with darker hair use pale pinks or dull shades, but you can see if its suits you.

Simple Makeup Tips For Woman With Dark Hair

Now we will come to your skin tone or your base, I would say, if you have pale skin then you should use something pinkish tone, but don’t use too much of it, heavy foundation can look harsh against dark hair, so try to get light sheer finish with light to medium coverage and neutral beiges can make you look pretty with naturally touch of pink.

Simple Makeup Tips For Woman With Dark Hair

You have a very strong shade as your face frame so you should pay attention to highlight your cheeks too and pink undertones go well with blonde highlights and honey shades go well with red highlights, but if you have one shade hair then go for very natural baby pink shad for your cheeks.

Now I have very cuter and very bold news for you, any shade of red is your new BFF. you can try any red lipstick you like and it will look great on you, but you can try all shades of red or pink to look beautiful and peach and apricot shades are not too god for you cause they will make your look grey and lifeless.

Simple makeup tips! Another thing which is meant to rock your look is any Smokey look, people say that brunettes are the only ones that can really get away with the smoky eye look without it appearing too harsh, it not only add some more charisma in your look, but it add some drama too and it doesn’t look too harsh or odd, so rock

Best of luck…

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