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Selena Gomez is Preparing a Surprise for Her Fans for 2015!

It seems that Selena Gomez has so much to say that it is ready to chain two albums in a row! In any case, it is well and truly back in the studio and we a surprise for 2015!

Would the gorgeous brunette became a fierce work? Although yes it seems! Ex Justin Bieber, who is currently a real box with her latest album, “For You”, released on 24 November and bearing the title “The Heart Wants What It Wants”, is already back in the studio but not that!

Selena Gomez with her latest album

Selena Gomez for Her Fans for 2015

Indeed, the starlet took hold of his Instagram account there are only a few hours to unveil her fans that she’s back to work! On the picture, it is seen behind a microphone in what appears to be a recording studio, unless the young woman of 22 years is in a hotel room … “This is what will look like my 4 coming months. Even in my hotel rooms. You guys, I’m more than excited by what will happen. # 2015, “she wrote in legend.

So we agree that everything suggests that Selena is already preparing a new album is not it? Could this be her way of going forward and to externalize her sentence about her relationship seems unable to work with Justin Bieber? It may well be so …

RDV in four months, so around April, to discover what she cooked! You can not wait to know?

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