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Robin Williams was Suffering from “Parkinson Disease”

Robin Williams committed suicide Monday at his home. His agent had told he was suffering from “Parkinson Disease.” The wife of American actor said Thursday he was also diagnosed with “early Parkinson’s disease.”

“Robin had remained sober and he was brave as he also struggled against depression, anxiety and incipient Parkinson’s disease, he was not yet ready to share publicly,” says the wife of actor Susan Schneider, in a statement.

“We hope that in the wake of the tragic death of Robin, others will find the strength to seek care and support they need to help in the battles they face, so they have less fear ‘has she added.

Robin Williams was Suffering from "Parkinson Disease"

“Robin Williams Wanted us (to) Laugh”

“Robin has spent so much time in his life helping others. He entertains millions of people on stage, in movies or on television, our troops on the front lines, or he comforted sick children, Robin wanted us (to) laugh and feel less scared, “said his wife.

“Since his death, many of us who loved him found comfort in the great flood of affection and admiration expressed by the millions of people he has touched their lives,” she said.

“His greatest legacy, beyond his three children, is the joy and happiness he gave to others, especially those who were engaged in personal battles,” said Susan Schneider, the third wife of the actor.

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