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Rising Star on ABC Debuts Tonight Recap And Review

Rising Star on ABC Debuts Tonight hosted by Josh Groban, the experts, or judges, are Kesha, Ludacris, and Brad Paisley. It will be a very different reality show. Unlike The Voice, the experts will see the performers as they sing. They will see their faces on the Wall. Every act will get 90 seconds. Every performance and each performance will get 70 percent of America’s votes. This will decide if the performance will go to next level or not. They will get on Wall on next level and they can continue on to the next stage. Every stage will bring some performances in competition. Out of over 2,500 competitors who tried out, just 30 have made it onto tonight’s episode of Rising Star.
Josh Groban shared some information about the show. He introduces Rising Star on ABC Debuts Tonight a bit. He introduced the theme of the show. Then he introduces the experts of the show too. They told the media how 70 present of voting will work. West Coast voters will have their votes used to “save” acts that contestant gets lower that 70 percent mark.

Ludacris told the media that Rising Star on ABC Debuts Tonight will be a very different show. It will not base on the “individuality” of the performance. The talent is the main key to whether or not an act moves on. Kesha is looking for a singer to be “believable.

Rising Star on ABC Debuts Tonight Recap And Review

Rising Star on ABC Debuts Tonight Recap And Review
Rising Star on ABC 2014

He added that I want something that sound nice and look nice too. Brad Paisley, who performed in concert for the troops in Afghanistan on Memorial Day weekend said, a performance, a live one is a mixture of good voice and good style. He said it is fine if you are not dancing, but we need to show that you are enjoying your own song. If you cannot enjoy your music then don’t expect us to enjoy it.

Joshua Peavey will be the first person to perform. He is a youth minister from South Georgia. He wants want to become a role modle for the people around him. He is very concern for the youth in his area. He picked Everything I Do I Do It For You for his performance. We liked the way he was performing. He gets the perfect 70% and become the first one who gets perfect percentage. He actually hit over 80 percent.

They we saw Lisa Punch. The 21 year old girl, who is from Guyana but is currently living in Brooklyn, looked very good. She told the media that she is sharing a 2 bedroom apartment with 12 other family members. She picked How Will I Know and she was awesome too. Lisa easily hit the 70 percent mark, actually getting to 80 percent. Kesha then told a very beautiful story when Kate broke into Prince’s house and gave him a CD she had made. Then they gave her the chance to give sing and perform on Rising Star on ABC.

Rising Star on ABC Debuts Tonight Recap And Review
Rising Star Crew and Experts

Rising Star on ABC came back with ManeePat Molloy, she is a 16 years old girl. She told the audience that her dad posted on of her video on youtube when she was just 8 years old the video got over 3 million hits and when she performed, it was outstanding. She got 73% and Kesha said you could be a massive star. Rising Star on ABC is going to be big thing.

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