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Purple Passion Makeup ideas & Purple Smokey Eye

Today we are going to create a very simple yet very passion look and I am making my lips the highlight on this look, for a change and I am hoping that you will like the look and the thing which make this look so cute for me is the bright ombre lips which I created with one lipstick and one eye shadow an then over the look with a transparent gloss; it does look isn’t it?

We will start with foundation or concealer and I am suing MAC airbrushing liquid foundation here and I am trying to get perfect base with this look because it’s a bit bright look and any flows in the skin will make the look clumsy and then finish the look with mat lose powder.

Purple Passion Makeup

Purple Passion Makeup

Now we will take absolutely white eye bas shade and apply all over the lid and blend it supper well and will blend it from lash to eye brows an some around the eyes too, specially the inner corner of your eyes, it will make your eyes look bright and pleasantly awake, now take plain gold lose shimmer and apply over the 1/3 of inner eye corner and now we will take small blending brush and blend it over the whole lid, but don’t let it go over the crease too much, now we will take the peach gold shimmer from the same palate and blend over the crease and blend it over the crease and a bit over the crease too, purple passion makeup now we will take the richest Matt shade of gold you have and apply at the outer corner of your eyes and blend it in the crease to add the depth in your crease and blend it over the crease too, now take silver shade, purple passion makeup but not too shimmery and apply right under the eye brow and in the inner corner of your eyes and  now take a purple liner and line your lower lash line, now take the pink purple shade with small brush and fed the line with it, but keep it neat and clean, now apply a wing on the upper lash line and let it extend, now apply a mauve line on your waterline and finish the look with mascara, Purple Passion Makeup.

Purple Makeup For Brown Eyes

Now take absolutely mate foundation or concealer and rub over your lips and let it get fully absorbed and then take nice white or baby pink lip base or liner and line the lips and fill it too, now take a nice rich purples liner and draw the outline of your lips and fill your lips a bit with the same mate liner, let the center of your lips empty an fill with very properly, now take a small bending brush and start blending your shade with foundation or concealer whatever you applied on your lips, now take small light whiter purple shade on the back of your hands and blend it well and now apply it over the center of your lips and blend to give it a ombre lips look Purple Passion Makeup, and now take a small tissue paper and press it against your lips and take a fluffy  brush with some lose power and rub that brush over the tissue paper and now apply some transplant lip gloss on your lips and you are done.

Purple Passion Makeup ideas

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