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Prettiest Wedding Cakes

I always believe that one should get married in summer with natural sunshine and warm breeze with glowing colorful flowers around you, summer gives you the liberty to enjoy the right sort of occasion with sexy and beautiful dresses and other occasion and it is season to add lots of ice in your drink and enjoy your yummy wedding cake and BBQ, sound super yum, and for that I am going to share some of the Prettiest Wedding Cakes of 2014 and these Prettiest Wedding Cakes can help you get some ideas to pick cake for your big day.

Cake is one of the very important thing when we plan to get married, cake is one of those things which we sort out with special priorities, like you pick your wedding gown, your marriage bands and then your cake, all the other things come after that, these are the things you have to have while you are getting married and we all wants to have best of all of these.

Prettiest Wedding Cakes

Prettiest Wedding Cakes
Prettiest Wedding Cakes Matching To Wedding Theme

To get the perfect cake there are lots of things which we all need to settle before we order the cake for our big day, butter cream or fondant? Sugar flowers or fresh? Round tiers or square?

The choices are endless when it comes to your wedding cake, which means things can get a bit overwhelming and at the same time it can ruin your dream wedding too, no one will remember what you wore, but they will remember what sort of cake you had, To make sure you get the confection of your dreams, it’s important to talk to your baker and ask some questions.

Here are some simple things you need to discuss your baker to order your cake for your big day.

First thing which you make sure your baker know is the date of your wedding, he should know what date he has to deliver the cake, now what will he do is fix the time and venue where he will deliver the cake and then he will make sure that you both know the all sort of details regarding the wedding day, you have to make sure that he has enough time to make your cake on that day and he is not too busy.

Prettiest Wedding Cakes
Prettiest Wedding Cakes Of 2014

You can ask about How many wedding cakes does he schedule for the same day and when and how early will he deliver the cake and to whom, don’t forget to check his business and baking licensed and insured number and other documents. Now we will come to wedding cake Design:
You should ask for portfolio, and ask if he makes all the cakes in it? And if not then can he actually make all of them easily? Can you get a sample cake for that cake, may be smaller one, but exactly the same.

Ask him if he customize wedding cakes or does he select from set designs and cannot make on order or change the style.
Ask for his specialties and try to pick one of his best ones and make sure you know all about that cake because it’s your wedding it has to be one you love the most.

Prettiest Wedding Cakes
Prettiest Wedding Cakes for Innovative People

Be open for new ideas too cause he is the one who earn his living and he knows better than you, pick one of the Prettiest Wedding Cakes of 2014 and make your wedding stylish.


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