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Planning a Big Wedding on a Small Budget

I have seen how one of the most important days of a person’s lives can quickly turn into one of the most expensive and the most depressed day for many couples, I know some of my friends who were not even talking to each other on their honey moon cause she was saying that his family ruined the budget and he was thinking that she spend too much, Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way if you just sit down with each other and talk openly, it feels odd, but it will work and will make your wedding a beautiful  and peaceful day for both of you.

Before I start talking about some simple tips how to arrange a beautiful  wedding in small budget I want to share one of my best friends experience, Robert and I met at high school and he married to his childhood sweetheart, they have been dating for like ever and everyone thought that they would be the best couple ever, they set an initial budget of $12,000, but ultimately spent closer to $25,000 and they both wore earring very small in those days,  they were struggling with financial issue during their early days of their marriage, they could not even go to their honey moon and marriage ended 16 months later and they still paying off the credit card debt from the wedding L keep this in mind when you plan your wedding, please, Let’s plan a beautiful meaning full wedding.

Planning a Big Wedding on a Small Budget

Planning a Big Wedding on a Small BudgetSmall Without Regrets:- As soon you people get engaged, sit down and see what you actually have to arrange this planning a big wedding on a small budget, don’t try to make beautiful imagination here, you need to know what you actually have, without the borrowing form your family or your friends, you need to make sure, no one of you are borrowing a single penny form anyone at all, don’t do that, it’s horrible, you have to pay for everything in cash, avoid cards as much as you can.

Wedding Planning Ideas on a BudgetAvoid Expectations:- This is one thing which can make your life hell, you need to avoid all sort of expectation, keep things as simple as possible, don’t push any of your family or your partner in the fire of expectation, keep things simple and natural and you need to make sure you are happy with the things you have, don’t try to make your wedding a big luxurious day of your planning a big wedding on a small budget life.

How to Plan a Wedding on a Very Tight BudgetCaterers and other wedding service providers often have fixed costs, so don’t try to nickel-and-dime them, instead keep looking for the services which not only provide good stuff, but they ask for the money that come into your planning a big wedding on a small budget, I can tell you that this is the best thing which can save 100s and it will keep things perfect too, you just need to keep looking for the right people.

When you go to people who are arranging things with you, don’t show them any dream which you had for your planning a big wedding on a small budget, cocktail hour, sit-down dinner and reception with music, instead ask how do I spend $5,000 on a party where I am getting married too.

Planning a Wedding on a Small Budget TipsI always recommend girls to pick a rental bridal dress, this is not embracing at all, and no one would be talking about that and this small thing will save 1000s which you can use in your honeymoon or later during your planning a big wedding on a small budget, home decoration.

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