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Pink Winged Eyes & Pink Smokey Eye Makeup

Today we are going to create a very beautiful yet very simple look with shades of pinks, but since I want to create something sweet and cuter so I am not adding any shimmer here, I will use highlighter, but without shimmer and we are using Kajal instead of gel liner and I am using the darkest brown mascara too which will make the look smooth and sweet and will create an overall cuter look.

For this simple looking eye makeup we were getting medium coverage and I am sure you will apply some lose powder to get the natural look, now we will take the lighter than skin tone foundation or concealer and apply not only on the lid, but on the skin around the eyes too and we will blend well and apply some lose powder to make it look super natural.

Pink Winged Eyes

Pink Winged Eyes

Now we will take pure white eye shadow and we apply it all over the lid as base shade and it will help us to get a smoother blending and it will lighten the shades even more and we will blend it from lash to eye brow well, Pink Winged Eyes now we will take smoothest beautiful baby pick shade you have with small brush and apply it all over the lid, now take small blending brush and blend the shade all over your lid and a bit over the crease too, now take slightly rich pick shade with small brush and apply over the crease, and outer corner of your eyes and create swingy look , Pink Winged Eyes now take the light brown shade from the same palate you picked baby pink from and apply right at the outer corner of your eyes as we blend it in pic 2, and create a sharp wing, now if you are a new comer and it is hard for you to create the exact wing then blend the both shade and then take a Q-tip and add some liquid eye makeup remover and put the tip right at the end of your upper lash line and pull it upward, but don’t repeat it, Pink Winged Eyes you just need to do once and it will create the trail like we have in pic.

Pink Smokey Eye Makeup

Now take the pure white eye pencil an apply a thick wing over the upper lash line, apply from the starting point of your lash line and let it extend and swing it upward and make the line thick and dark, now take smallest blending brush or angle brush and soothe that line with it to create it a smooth wing, Pink Winged Eyes but don’t blend it in pink shade or brown.

Now we will take the brown shade we applied over the upper lash line and we will apply under the lower lash line and we will apply a thick line exactly on the crease, now you will take the same angle brush to lend the lower line, but don’t let it smudge our white wing, and then blend the upper one too to add depth in the Pink Winged Eyes.

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Now take black gel liner and apply over tightline and make it thick and dark and then take a smooth and thin line under the lower lash line too and fed with same angle brush we used to smudge the brown shade, Pink Winged Eyes now take back Kajal and apply a thick wing on the upper lash line, you can use gel liner too, just don’t take the shiny one.

Now take pure white highlighter and we will rub it right on the brow bone, on the white wing, under the lower lash line and finish the look with mascara Pink Winged Eyes.

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