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Peacock Inspired Eye Makeup

We are going to create a very beautiful and simple yet very glamorous look, we are going to use lots of shades and color texture here, but they all would look absolutely cuter and prefect with each other, and for that you need to blend them well and I am using blue mascara with that, but you can use dark purple, blue and golden mascara with that, don’t be afraid to get crazy.

We will start with average base, I am keeping remaining face pretty low profile with this look and we are using natural lips too, now we will apply some primer not only on the lid, but all around the eyes too and we will give our skin sometime to absorb the primer and meanwhile we will the eye browns, which is absolutely essential to get perfect look.

Now we will start with apply a nude eye shadow all over the lid and we will make sure we blend it well, start from the one corner and we will let it go at the other corner, now we will take the richest golden shade you have and then we will apply it over the 1/3 of the inner part of the lid and we will blend it very well, we will blend it over the inner corner, tear duct and under the lower lash too, but not all over the under line, just on the inner 1/3 of the lower lash and we will blend it till it become super smooth.

Peacock Inspired Eye Makeup

Peacock Eye Makeup

Now we will take mat maroon shade and we will apply at the outer end of the eye and we will create a sharp edgy V at the outer corer of the eyes, we will use maroon-ish brown to get a bright rich maroon brown shade of Peacock Inspired Eye Makeup, now we will take dark brown or black shade with small brush and we will rub over the brawn shade a bit to add intensity.

Now we will take mate blue shade and apply on the center, and when we will blend it over the golden shade it would give you a olive green shade and let it go over the create too, keep blending till you get a smooth look Peacock Inspired Eye Makeup, now take fresh blue shade, you used earlier with another brush and apply on the outer 1/2, dot rub this time, just tab and you will get a rich peacock look.

Now we will take the same blue with angle brush and apply over the golden shimmer we applied under the lower lash line and blend till it give you an olive green shimmery look, now we will take black gel liner and we will apply right over the upper lash line and under the tight line too and curl your lashes before you apply mascara, it will add a dramatic touch Peacock Inspired Eye Makeup.

Peacock Inspired Eye Makeup

Now we will apply black liner over the water line and let it get settled and then we will take blue, the richest, but not shimmery blue eye liner and apply on the water line and we will apply black mascara over the upper lash line and blue on the lower lash lines, and you can use different shades of mascara with this look too, it look pretty cuter and bright and any shade of pink or nude over your lips would look absolutely perfect for this look Peacock Inspired Eye Makeup, try lip tar instead of lip shades or gloss, I am not using any highlight over the brow bone of on the inner corner of eyes, but you can try if you want to, Peacock Inspired Eye Makeup or you can blend the golden over the brow bone too.

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