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Overnight Beauty Tips at Home & Overnight Skin Care

Overnight Beauty Tips & Tricks And Treatments

Normally when we clean our skin with cleanser and then exfoliate it and apply toner, we feel that is all we can and we should do during nights, and that is fine too, but if you need some extra looks and some extra longer looks then you need to add some extra things and some extra efforts too and that is what I actually do for my extra looks.

First thing that you need to do is take a shower just before going to bed and just after your cleaning, take a shower, and wash your feet, your body and your hands and nails, the apply baby oil all over your body, and  it will not keep your skin moisturizer and young for ever.

Next thing that you need to do is apply a mixture of glycerin, lemon and rose water all over your feet and hands and then use some cotton soaks and if you are facing some issues with your nails the this is the time to apply garlic juice on your nails and then let it get dry and then you should wear socks.

Overnight Beauty Tips at Home

Never ever leave your lips dry during nights because when we breathe during night we kind of make them dry and then they start losing the moisturizer, so you can use any lip balm, you can use honey on your lips too or you can make a homemade lip balm with fresh cream and apple seeds which would work perfectly.

Overnight Skin Care

Next thing that you need to do is apply some castor oil on your eye brows you should use mascara brush and apply it on your eyebrows, and if you are not happy with the stickiness of castor oil then you can try olive oil or almond oil too, the main purpose of applying oil is to maintain the moisturizer level in your eye brow Overnight Beauty Tips.

Overnight Makeup Tips

Now take some 2 parts olive oil, 1 part coconut oil and a couple drops of Argan oil together and worm it up and then apply it to the lengths of your hair and then apply on the roots too and then tie your hair into a tight braid and let it sit overnight while your sleep and it will actually help you get beautiful smooth healthy hair and nourish your hair too.

Now take some sugar and some honey and rub over your hands, keep rubbing till it get fully dissolved and then wash it off with worm water and apply some glycerin mixture over your hands and rub till it get absorbed Overnight Beauty Tips.

Overnight Beauty Tips

Now last not least, apply some castor oil on your lashes and rub a bit, make sure you are not pushing it in your eyes, cause that will make your eyes burn and runny and  rub a bit and then go to sleep,Overnight Beauty Tips.

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