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Nicola Peltz Glams Up Transformers Premiere

Nicola Peltz glams up Transformers premiere with her beautiful and cool looking dress. Nicola Peltz Glams Up the hot red carpet with her beautiful sweet dress. The dress was showing off her perfect lean and slim trim body. It was complimenting her beautiful eyes too. She was with Jack Reynor to rock off the ‘Transformers 4’ Hong Kong premiere. She was absolutely stunning in that dress. She kept her entire look very simple and very neat and clean. She was not wearing any accessory. Not even a single ring or clutch. Her dress was the most beautiful thing though. She was wearing a very beautiful dress which was showing off her beautiful body perfectly.

Nicola Peltz glams up breathtakingly beautiful dress on red carpet. She was there on red carpet at the premiere of her new movie Transformers: Age of Extinction on Thursday evening in Hong Kong, China. The 19-year-old actress was joined at the event by her handsome co-star Jack Reynor. They both looked very pretty together. This is a big breakout role for both stars. She has done hit series Bates Motel too. She looked very cool and calm on the red carpet. Nicola Peltz glams up beautiful dress when she  steps out for an appearance at the after party following the premiere for her new movie.

Nicola Peltz Glams Up Transformers Premiere

Nicola Peltz Glams Up Transformers Premiere In Prada Gown -1
Nicola Peltz Glams Up Beautiful Prada Dress


Her movie Transformers: Age of Extinction on Thursday (June 19) in Hong Kong, China and she made a great appearance.
Nicola was joined at the party by her co-star Jack Reynor and his fiancee Madeline Mulqueen. All of them looked very good together. Nicola was wearing a sexy floor-length gown. Her ice-blue halter-neck number by Prada featured a cut-out panel from the bust to the waistline. It was revealing her perfect tum nicely. Nicola Peltz Glams Up beautiful Blue dress . The dress has a very nice glittering beading detail on the neckline and around the waistband. She really did not need any sort of accessory with that. She was wearing minimal make-up and with neat and clean hair. She was not wearing any sort of jewelery on the day. She let her dress do the talking.

Nicola Peltz Glams Up Transformers Premiere
Nicola Peltz Looked Very Beautiful With Prada Dress

Her co-star Mark cut a smart figure in a taupe suit which he teamed with a light blue tie as he waved to his fans on the red carpet. They both looked very beautiful together. This is a very big thing for her as she is filling the big shoes of Megan Fox and Rosie Huntington-Whitely taking on the lead female role for the transformer. Nicola Peltz Glams Up the primer and she looked very elegance and her embellished gown was making her look very beautiful. Her Prada embellished gown was absolutely complimenting her looks and her body. It seems Nicola Peltz is giving other ladies a run for their money in the style stakes now too.

Nicola Peltz Glams Up Transformers Premiere
Nicola Peltz Looked Stunning At Transformer Primer

Nicola Peltz Glams Up  icy blue color dress. it looked fantastic on her. It looked very beautiful with her blonde hair and sun-kissed skin. Nicola Peltz seems pretty confident about her looks. She is very happy with her movie too. Prada has designed similar dresses in the past for the likes of Lupita Nyong’O and Anne Hathaway too. But I loved this one a lot. It has a cool look and a sexy touch too. I loved the beat details. This is a very gorgeous dress and made her look very sweet.

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