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Nicki Minaj for Anaconda Output Daring Cover

Nicki Minaj for Anaconda On July 28, 2014 released the new single from Nicki Minaj titled ‘Anaconda’. And to be sure that the title does not go unnoticed in stores and on iTunes, the interpreter of ‘Pills N Potions’ did not hesitate to show off her ass again imposing on the cover of the song, to discover Gbtyl.com.

Nicki Minaj for Anaconda in case you have not noticed, Nicki Minaj is proud of her buttocks. One that fricoterait with Lil Wayne (and maybe more) will also never misses an opportunity to show off, whether on Twitter, in its sulfur clips or more broadly at her worldly attractions. This is not due yet to shine sometimes – many times? – Bareless on social networks, hoping to divert attention from its equally generous chest. But no, the real star in the singer is her ass. And she proves it again this Wednesday with the cover of her next single “Anaconda”.

Sexy new cover Nicki Minaj for Anaconda

Nicki Minaj for Anaconda

Nicki Minaj for Anaconda And for good reason, as you can see in our slideshow, the interpreter of Up in flames could not help but put there before her gigantic backside, “sublimated” by a pink thong bikini-very Light. A way as any to ensure that the disc does not go unnoticed on iTunes on July 28, the cliche has certainly not failed to make the temperature rise on the Web, but also to inspire some. For example, the highly reactive Oasis Twitter page, always with the latest news, quickly turned this wallet featuring his heroine … Litchi Minaj (see below).


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