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Neymar New Girls Friend Soraja Vucelic a Serbian Supermodel

Neymar new Girls Friend Soraja Vucelic After the models Bruna Marquezine and Gabriella Lenzi, Neymar a good time with Soraja Vucelic, a Serbian supermodel.

Neymar: the new couple, and even with a dummy!

Brazilian footballer Neymar like mannequins indeed, the FC Barcelona striker does not know where to turn. Couple for over a year with the top Brazilian Bruna Marquezine, the two lovebirds were separated in February 2014. He then had a relationship with another Brazilian model, Gabriella Lenzi. Neymar but was then left to find Bruna Marquezine. It is this last that has endured throughout the World Cup. However, this did not last embélie between Neymar and Bruna since the couple separated in August again.

Neymar New Girls Friend Soraja Vucelic

Neymar New Girls Friend Soraja Vucelic

Today we learn the reason which prompted Neymar to emancipate again. And this reason is again a dummy. Indeed, the footballer would enamored of Soraja Vucelic (photp), a Serbian model he met during her holiday in Ibiza. According to Serbian media, Neymar has even chartering a private jet for her new conquest to her to come join him in Catalonia time for a weekend. Remains whether this time manage to stay Neymar focus on the relationship or he will turn heel again when he cross a new model ….

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