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Natural Smokey Eyes With Lipstick According to Your Skin Tone

Today we are going to try a very simple and a very cute eye look with smoky hot hot sensuous red lips, I love red lipsticks and I personally think that there is a shade for every woman you just need to look for that, do you want some help to pick your lipstick according to your skin tone.

If you have Fair skin tone then you can try any rich shade and it will look good, but the fruity colors really brighten your look without overpowering it and for that I would love to recommend few products.

Red: NYX Matte Lipstick in Pure Red.
Pink: MAKE Silk Cream Lipstick in Flamingo.
Nude: Topshop Lip Bullet in Covet.
Dark: Too Faced Lip Injection Color Bomb! Moisture Plumping Lip Tint.

Natural Smokey Eyes With Lipstick

Natural Smokey Eyes With Lipstick

If you have Beige then you should look for the clean undertones shades which contrast with your skin tone very nicely and for some pink skin tone you should choose a true red with equal amounts of yellow and blue, here are some products for your lips I personally think would look great.

Red: Smashbox Be Lengendary Lipstick in Legendary.
Pink: Manic Panic Lipstick in Hot Hot Pink.
Nude: ILIA Lipstick in In My Room.
Dark: Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Color in Sienna.

Natural Smokey Eyes With Lipstick According to Your Skin Tone

For Golden or should I say wheat-sh complexion you should try honey warm shade which will look absolutely cute on your skin , pick the rich colors with warm undertones that will give you the totally glamorous vibe and for your skin tone I have some suggestions.

Red: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Bang.
Pink: BareMinerals Marevelous Moxie Lipstick in Light It Up.
Nude: NARS Satin Lipstick in Honlulu Honey.
Dark: True Colour Lipstick in Mulberry.
Try to pick some nice shades for your lips and help your lips to look the star.
Now we will come to the eye makeup we were talking about earlier.

Natural Smokey Eyes

We will start with eye primer since we are using very simple shades and we need to pay attention of the base to keep it on for longer hours.

Now we will take a light brown eye shade and groom the eye brow to get a perfect look, now we will take a nude shade and apply all over the lid to give it a base and then we will take nice rich cinnamon eyeshadow and we will apply at the eye crease with a very small and thin brush, we don’t need to cover the whole lid with that, Natural Smokey Eyes With Lipstick, we just apply a line and then we will take a small eye shadow brush and we will blend the shade over the crease.

Now take a very smooth white or yellow highlighter shade and apply on the tear duct and on the eye brow bone and blend well, now take the same rich cinnamon eyeshadow and apply under the lower lash line too and blend well Natural Smokey Eyes With Lipstick.

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Now apply the dramatic black liner wing over the upper lash line and then apply a moderate line on your water line too and apply mascara, now we will take the twist, we will take golden gel liner and apply right over the end of your black liner and follow the wing too and like a cat eye, cover your tear duct and on the lower end of your inner corner too, and finish the look with absolutely sexiest shade of red lipstick to match with this cuter yet hot eyes, Natural Smokey Eyes With Lipstick.

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