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Simple Nail Art Ideas for Kids Step By Step

Nail art ideas is not only popular among the young and adults but the kids as well. Trend loving kids love to play up their nails using a variety of nail art designs so as to enhance their appeal. Through this post you will learn cute and stylish nail art ideas to beautify your little ones’ nails. These are very simple and easy-to-create designs that don’t involve any accessories or deco material and your kids can also try them out.

Multicolor Striped Nail Art Ideas

This effortless nail art ideas uses simple striping techniques and one don’t need to have a steady hand to create this art. Since it involves the use of variety of colors, you can rock this stylish nail art design with any dress.

Nail Art Ideas

Stuff Required:

  • Base coat (optional)
  • White nail polish
  • A striper or a thin nail art brush
  • Nail polishes or acrylic colors in different colors viz. blue, red, green, yellow,orange, pink
  • Translucent top coat

Nail Art Ideas Steps:

  1. to begin with, apply a thin layer of base coat evenly all over your fingernails and once it is dried follow it up with two coats of white nail color. Let it dry as well before moving on to the next step.
  2. Dunk your clean striper or nail art brush in red nail-color or acrylic paint and draw some stripes. Stripes should be started from the tip of the fingernail ending at the base.
  3. Repeat the same step using blue, green, orange, pink and yellow colors one by one.
  4. Allow the whole nail art design to dry out completely and then top it off with a thick layer of translucent top coat.

Simple Floral And Polka Dots Nails

Simple Floral And Polka Dots Nails

Polka dots nail art is amongst the most common and easiest nail art designs for kids. Drawing up polka dots doesn’t require exceptional creative skills; even if your creativity sense is zero, you can try this style out easily. You can also create floral nail art using polka dots technique; learn how.
Stuff required:

Base Coat

  • Pink, white, red and cream nail colors
  • Dotting tool/ toothpick
  • Transparent top coat


  1. Put on a thin coating of base coat following up with two coats of pink color. Always make sure to give your base coat enough time to dry out before putting on the main color for best outcome.
  2. After your pink coat is dried, create yellow flower with the help og dotting tool or the blunt end of toothpick. The dots must be put jointly ensuring that they don’t overlap each other.
    Take another toothpick or a clean dotting tool and fill up the rest of your nails with white dots of different sizes.
  3. Finally, dip the sharp end of your toothpick in the red enamel and put a dot in the center of the flowers.
    Top off with thick coat of translucent polish after the design is completely dried.

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