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Nabilla Selfie Beauty Look Reveals Natural on Instagram

Nabilla selfie beauty look: tired of being made ​​up, it appears natural!

The addict contouring seems to be tired of always masked … the bimbo said “f ***” in its foundation and reveals natural on Instagram.

In the manner of a Lio, the reality TV starlet would she finally decided to give up her makeup?

Anyway, on Instagram, Nabilla decided to snub her beauty look time for a selfie “#FUCKMAKEUP #JEUNEETFRAICHE #IWOKEUPLIKETHIS” Has she noted in the legend of the famous shot where it unfolds naturally.

Nabilla Selfie Beauty Look

Nabilla selfie Beauty Look

Chest prominent and pretty face rid of foundation, the adept of contouring surprised fans and other internet users. And the comments are positive, “Even without your makeup, you’re beautiful”, “Really nice natural”, “Rest yourself” can be read here and there.

Now columnist TPMP, Nabilla offers each of his appearances on the set of Cyril Hanouna, its share of bites that make the buzz. After the declaration of love for Jacques Chirac, recently, the brunette let go a bunch of names of birds … It was worth it to be immediately cropped by the boss, unhappy to hear vulgar.

After being confused with Zahia by his colleague, Jean-Michel Mayor, the young woman was compared to Valérie Trierweiler Laurent Ruquier: “We had Nabilla at the Elysee and you do not know, with Ms Trierweiler!” Has it swung into We’re not lying. Thank you for a moment after, Thanks for selfie?

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