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How to Apply Great Makeup Idea for Brown Eyes

How to Apply Great Makeup Idea for Brown Eyes. We are going to create a beautiful simple yet super sweet and perfect look for a day time date, it will make your look natural and simple and at the same time it will highlight your beautiful brown eyes too and I just want you to give this cool makeup idea for brown eyes and let us know how did you like it.Makeup Idea For Brown Eyes

We will start with a natural base, I am not using any foundation yet I am using some concealer over the complicated areas and blend well and then I give it some time to get dry and then take tint moisturizer and apply all over the face and over the neck too since I am using a up high hair do with this look so I need perfect neck too, finish the look with perfect mat loose powder.

Makeup Idea for Brown EyesEye makeup up tips for brown

Now we will apply the eye primer and rub well till it get absorbed and now we will groom the eye brow, but keep it natural, and now we will take lighter than skin tone concealer pr highlighter and apply all over the eye and the skin around the eye to get bright shiny look.Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes

Now we will take perfectly transparent peach shade, you need a mat look so try natural mat one and blend all over the lid, and blend it over the crease, if you are using the darker shade then take white shade with your blending brush and now blend the shade over the crease and all over the lid, this will lighten the shade over the crease and will give you a natural look.

Now you need to take light brownish pink shade with transparent shimmer in it and apply over the lash line and blend it over the lid, now take pure white or nude shade or highlighter and apply over the brow bone and over the inner corner of your eyes too.

Take eye pencil and apply thinnest and finest line over the upper lash line and let it extend over the corner, now take black gel liner and apply on tight line, make it thick on tightline though, but don’t let it show of on inner corner of your eyes, remember we are keeping the look natural?

Now take the lightest brown shade you have and apply a thin line on the lower lash line, but not on the waterline, keep it as clean as possible, you can use a wet wipe to clean your waterline later too, now take white eye pencil and highlight your eye brow with that and blend till it look natural and apply a smooth line on waterline too and finish the eye look with light brown mascara.

Avoid shade on your cheeks with that, but if you have to then pick the lightest shade of pink or peach and use orange mat lipstick with that.

The only thing that you need with this look is a bright beautiful smile.

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