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Makeup Foundation Mistakes You Should Know About

No matter how pro you are in the way of applying makeup and how perfectly you know your face, the good features and bad features, but still we all make mistake, even if you follow the same rules every time, so before you become a center of some ones laughter, let’s talk about some foundation or concealer mistake which I personally think you should know about.

Makeup Foundation Mistakes

Foundation Mistakes You Should Know About

1- Wrong Finish:- This is one of the most common foundation mistakes is using the wrong kind of foundation or concealer, normally I have seen people they use powder instead of a liquid foundation which is absolutely wrong, no matter what age and what skin tone, powder can dry your skin and sometimes it can look cakey or flaky too and it age your skin and your look too, and it get settle into the natural creases and fine lines and make them look even deeper and even more prominent, whereas liquid foundations look better for longer and give you that smooth and flawless look for longer hours, even if you have oily skin, then you can pick one with aqua based one Makeup Foundation Mistakes.

Wrong Finish For Foundation

2- Skip Primer:- This is one regretful crime in cosmetic world, it make you look flat and pretty dull and dry, always apply a primer before using your liquid foundation and this will help your foundation look better and smoother and it help you apply shades too.

Primer Foundation For Oily Skin

3- Never Test on Your Wrist:- I think I have been working on this point for ages, but I still see girls try foundation or concealer on the back of their hands or on the wrist, I cannot believe people still do that, the color of their face doesn’t match the color of their neck and it defiantly don’t match with your wrist and that make your look odd and unrealistic Makeup Foundation Mistakes.

Never Test on Your Wrist Foundation

4- Don’t Use Brush:- I know we all love to try our hands to apply cosmetics on our face, but if you really want to look perfect then use brush, it’s less messy and it give you a smoother and even look and you use less product too and then use a sponger to blend, Makeup Foundation Mistakes you can keep it dump or dry and blend it in the place, don’t drag product off the skin, Makeup Foundation Mistakes.

How to Use a Brush to Apply Foundation

5- Apply Foundation All Over Your Face:- Well, I just have one simple question, what is the logic behind this, why do you want to look vampire? Don’t apply foundation or concealer all over your face, you don’t really have to, just take some product and apply directly on the areas you need to cover and then blend, tab blend on blemishes or areas of redness and if you have discoloration then blend, you just need to apply a light layer of foundation over your skin, don’t make your skin look too thick and artificial, less is enough Makeup Foundation Mistakes.

Apply Foundation All Over Your Face

6- Never Set Foundation With Bronzing Powder:- You will look sunburned if you use bronzer as loss powder, you should pick translucent, light weight powder, rather than a bronzing one which will make your face look cakey, so pick something which make you look more natural and fresher, Makeup Foundation Mistakes and translucent powder controls shine and give you a beautiful, matte finish too.

Never Set Foundation With Bronzing Powder

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