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Makeup Tips On How To Apply Makeup For Dark Skin

Makeup For Dark Skin, If you were born with darker skin then I want to say that you have the best skin possible, so enjoy it, you don’t need to go crazy to get flawless skin cause you already have one, so it is time to learn how to apply a cute, simple, and attractive makeup for your skin tone which not only look beautiful, but it actually make you even more fascinating. I personally think that a woman with darker skin is blessed with the best skin possible, they dot need to scared of marks and scars and they don’t need to use thick layers of foundation or concealer to cover your skin flows.

Makeup For Dark Skin

Makeup For Dark Skin

First of all I am going you a very simple day to day look to make your darker skin even more gorgeous and then we will share some makeup tips with you.

Use a muslin cloth and warm water to rub your face with it and then apply some moisturizer before you put on makeup because you have beautiful skin, you don’t have any issues so add some natural glow with moisturizer.

Use a foundation very close to actual skin tone/shade, don’t use lighter shade cause they will look odd on your skin tone, if you have blemishes, dark spots and skin discoloration spots, then you can pick foundation or concealer  to cover these to get perfect look.

Makeup For Dark Skin

Try using a dark or medium brown color eye shadow and apply it all over your lid as base shade and then try using black shade to add some depth in your crease and then add some light, glittery color on your inner corner to help your eyes pop, don’t apply too much though, cause it will look overdone, you should use muted, neutral tones on the rest of your face and it will help you get a perfect look.

Pick deep red or burgundy color blush on your cheeks and blend well, make it look super natural,  now apply some Lip-gloss, use nude color lip gloss  and you can try clear shiny lip gloss too, and finish the look with black color mascara.

Makeup For Dark Skin

Those with Makeup For Dark Skin, especially with dryness problems, tend to look ashy if skin is not moisturized properly, you need to use rich moisturizer and you need to apply all over your body to keep your face and body well-hydrated and it will give you a clear, glowing dusky look too.

If you have any sort of marks or scars on your dark skin then you need to keep an eye on your looks and make sure you don’t get these, because they look more prominent on your skin than people with lighter skin tone, and for that you need to keep a 6 shade concealer kit and cover your marks according to the shade.

When you go to pick the foundation for your skin tone, then you need to pick a perfect shade for your dark skin tones, the best spot to try it out is not on the back of your hand, but instead, on your forehead and just above your jaw line, invest lots of time to pick the right kind of look and shade cause lighter than your skin tone may end up making you look grayish and that is what you don’t want to look.

Dark, metallic colors look great on your looks like green, copper, and burgundy, purple and brown especially for night, but I you are going out for day time then you can try plain transparent shimmery shades and they look absolutely perfect with mate crease.

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