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How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller With Makeup

We are going to talk about a very simple way to get fuller and fresher looking lips with cosmetic, but do you know that you can actually make your lips fuller with some very simple home remedies and there is one thing that  you can try by yourself and see the result in one week and for that you just need to apply petroleum jelly or Vaseline on your lips just before going to bed and then brush it off with your toothbrush in the morning, you need to be very gentle though, and then rub it with a smooth wet worm cotton towel and apply some peppermint oil on your freshly rubbed lips, it will burn a bit, but will sooth down pretty quick and then within a week you will see magical results.

Make Your Lips Look FullerHow To Make Your Lips Look Fuller

Now what if you don’t have one week to see the results and what if you want to get the filler looking and bright sensuous lips right now? Can you get that? Yess you can.Apply foundation lightly on your lips then your lipstick

If you want to get filler lips then you need a white pencil, lip gloss and a beige pencil and all you need is perfect smile cause we are going to give you perfect smile with only three products and that’s all now we will apply some moisturizer all over your lips to make them moist and smooth and then we will take a lip liner perfectly matching to your lips and apply it all over your lips, pay attention on the shape of your lips and then fill the lips with that liner too.How To Make Your Lips Look

Now you need to take white pencil color and then apply in right in the middle on your lips the way we did in the picture and we are trying to get optical allusion to get bigger and sensuous lips and for that we will apply white shade and then we will blend with a finger such as shown in the picture and rub slightly, but keep the shade on your lips and then we will take Lip gloss and apply on the lips and TARAAAAA !!!!

Now if you want to get some extra affects too then take some matching or plain silver shiny glittery lip gloss and apply right on the middle of your lips, right over the white pencil and rub with your finger.

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