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Lipstick Mistakes One Should Avoid

A little color on the lips brightens up any day, and a perfectly applied lipstick can save all your time that you were a about to use to apply full face makeup, it can give you a diva look even without apply any intense makeup, but there are some mistakes that can ruin your look completely and that is what we are going to discuss today.

Lipstick Mistakes

Lipstick Mistakes One Should Avoid

Painting Outside The Lines:- Sometime we feel that we can enhance the look with making your lips bigger or making them look bigger and for that you might try applying over the boundaries of the lips which will make you look like you are trying too hard to look perfect, and that is wrong, you should take thinnest lipstick brush and a lip liner and start by tracing the edges with the liner and use the brush to coat the entire lip with color and it will give you right look.

Romantic Lines For Lips

Picking Wrong Shade:- Well that is something tricky, normally when we see someone with a shade that looks so beautiful on that one, we assume that it will look good on you too and that is how we pick a wrong shade and look odd:(not every shade works with every complexion and for that you need to invest lots of time and then you will find the right shade for you based on your skin tone, eye color, Lipstick Mistakes and even what looks best with your hair color.

Lipstick Shades

Dark Lip Liner:- I know that darker lip liner was a hot trend during 90s, but it has gone long ago, and so is the trend of pairing a dark lip liner with a lighter lipstick, Lipstick Mistakes now when you apply that look, it make you look older and odd, so try to apply lip liner matching to your lips and then apply the shade you are using for your lips and always go lighter on the edges which makes the lips look fuller and sensuous.

Dark Lip Liner

Lipstick On The Teeth:- That is one thing that we all would admit guilty off, we normally apply too much product on the lips and then it start getting on your teeth and on your tong too, and the most embarrassing thing is leaving lipstick on a coffee mug, I literally hate it, and for that you can try two simple tricks, one, blot with a tissue right after application to remove extra product, second, stick your index finger in your mouth and close your mouth and then pull the finger out and it with remove the product around the edges of the mouth and will help you get perfect look throughout the day, or three hours at least, Lipstick Mistakes.

Lipstick On The Teeth

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