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Lggy Azalea Ex-boyfriend Says Gave Him Permission To Sell Their Tape

Lggy Azalea: her ex-boyfriend says she gave him permission to sell their s3x tape! Supporting evidence, it seems that Iggy Azalea is a pretty little liar …

There are some days, we said that the Australian singer belied have turned a s3x tape, but already there were inconsistencies with the statements of her lawyers. Well this seems a more permissible because her former boyfriend, Hefe Wine, who is also her former manager, has to provide a document that is the signature of the certifying that pretty and can do what he wants with recordings or film clips, so the young man believes she can put music over the video and so she can sell the s3x tape legally.

Lggy Azalea

Lggy Azalea video Tape…

Indeed, the document she signed 16 February 2009 gives it exclusive rights to the creation, sale, distribution, promotion of all records that contain pictures. The contract also certifies that it has the right to create, modify and manage a website to sell the work of Iggy Azalea. So she thinks she can bring the two of them naughty video on a site, and that, legally.

Not on the lawyers of the young woman of 24 years are of the same opinion that being said …

The question is whether the interpreter of “Black Widow” will use again her twitter account to talk about this story that makes a lot of noise right now! Think her former manager dare leave this intimate video?

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