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Kind Campaign! Lauren Parsekian’s Charity and Their Mission Statement?

Kind Campaign! Aaron Paul on his third Amy speech last night has brought worldwide attention, little is known in advance is a nonprofit organization, his wife Lauren Parsekian which just happens to be the president.

Mr. Paul, applaud after the other candidates, he said: “My wife, my God. Thank you married me, thank you for your kindness to dedicate his life to spread throughout the world, we all appreciate it.

Kind Campaign

Kind Campaign mission statement By auren Parsekian’s

How do you guys know what companies he looks for themselves and their children mercy. Thank you. Kind words caused her to crash into the company’s website last night and this morning due to the volume of traffic on the site is still down. But, what is it?

Kind Campaign! View campaign started life in 2009, which hurt or intimidate the victims were girls and young women, as the website. In 2012, Lauren Paul, born Parsekian, president of the Company Kind, described what he hoped to achieve.

We hope that the school is a program where a group of professional young woman round the country to hold our own screening of the documentary and honest dialogue about the issues that after seeing the creature. We know that it is difficult one to deal with the schools, so we hope to add some insight to this program and their female population to build a safer community.

Now it has evolved to help educate and abuse of female-female, negative consequences, especially in dealing with social media and online communities…

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