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Kim kardashian Shows Off Her Toned Body Again

I know when you lose weight with such a hard work with a baby and a moody fiancé, you want to show it off and that is what Kim has been doing for a while now, and now once again Kim kardashian Shows Off Her Toned Body Again in beautiful black dress pants that was showing off her perfect legs, it was pretty tightly wrapped to her trim thighs and flared out from the knees down and her pointy black stilettos were complimenting the dress and Kim herself absolutely perfectly. She was with her future husband Kanye West and she was looking pretty neat and clean with absolutely nude Looking face and I must say that there is something going on which she is not sharing, although their official wedding date is May 24 in Paris, there are some rumors that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are already married and they tied the knot earlier this week in Los Angeles, but just on papers, they got their license in California over the past few days and they have gone back to NYC now.Kim kardashian Shows Off Her Toned Body AgainKim kardashian Shows Off Her Toned Body Again when she arrived at LAX on Saturday for their Delta flight with hubby Kaney as they were going back to New York on Saturday for the Monday’s Met Gala and North was not with either of them and they were not carrying wedding rings, but still media thinks that they are already married now. Acutely according to the strange French law, if you need to get married their you need to live in the country for 40 days prior to marrying, so they are getting married in papers before getting tier extravagant ceremony and reception in Paris later this month, but this is not what I wanted to talk about, I personally think that she is taking some surgical help, not for her body, but for her face and for her lips, can you see a strange outline on her lips? Especially on her upper lips, can you explain this to me? I personally think that she has gotten her lips filled up to get sexy pouch and to look absolutely perfect, since she has been working hard to lose her weight after delivering her baby 10 months back and she truly shed the final 5lbs she was eager to drop ahead of her May 24 wedding and I must say, she looks better than before, specially black dress pants are showing off her trim thighs which is new in Kim’s case, she has always been famous for her roller coaster curves, but she looks better now.Kim kardashian Shows Off Her Toned Body Again She is 33-year-old, and we have always saw her in classy dresses, but never the way she dress nowadays, she has class in her stylish now which suits her perfectly and show off her enviable figure too and I love the way she is using nude tops these days, which intelligently make her look even fresher and cuter without any prominent makeup, I am not saying that she was not have any makeup on her face, she was fully made up, actually I think she had airbrushing on her face , her lips were nude though, I bet her dermatologist suggested her not to apply any cosmetic after the surgery. Rest is fine, but what is with Kanye? Why does he seem like he is going to cry in sec? He is getting married to the mother of his child, then why cannot he smile? What’s with him?? Kim Looks ravishing though.

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