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Kim Kardashian Enjoyed Irish Honeymoon

Kim Kardashian Enjoyed Irish Honeymoon, she took her tweeter and shared what she thinks about the time she spends with her husband. She arrived home yesterday alone and it pushed media to create gossips over that, people start talking about the time she spend there, we heard lots of things, but then she finally told the media that,

Kim Kardashian Enjoyed Irish Honeymoon and she just arrived earlier due to her daughter North, she said we all know that Kenya has some business to do over there from Tuesday, but I was missing my baby so very much that I could not wait anymore.

Kim Kardashian arrives back in LA to be reunited with baby North who she ‘missed so much. She added that people think that I was not happy there, but this is not true, she insist that she had the best time of her life and she enjoyed every bit of it.

Kim Kardashian has insisted she did enjoy her honeymoon Ireland, after arriving back in LAX without her husband Kanye West, she said I am pretty much sure that you all can understand that it is hard for me to leave my baby here and enjoy the time with my hubby, we both missed her so very much, but he have work related dates scheduled, so he could not come, but I had to come for her.

Kim Kardashian Enjoyed Her Honeymoon

Kim Kardashian Enjoyed Irish Honeymoon
Kim Kardashian stays in this Irish palace

She took her Twitter account and she shared ‘Had the best most relaxing romantic honeymoon in Ireland & Prague!’, she keep insisting that things are absolutely perfect between those two and they are happily in love, but it was difficult for her to stay away from her daughter North, who was chaperoned home to LA after the wedding by grandmother Kris Jenner.

Kim Kardashian Enjoyed Irish Honeymoon and she talked about other things too. She talked about her marriage band too, she said that the ring has gone pretty lose since I have lost some weight, and the ring has been gone to get fixed for my finger, if things were not right between us then how come I am still wearing my engagement ring?

Kim Kardashian Enjoyed Irish Honeymoon
Kim Kardashian With Baby North


Kim Kardashian Enjoyed Irish Honeymoon
Kim Kardashian ‘s Tweeter About her Irish Honeymoon

I came home alone, that has nothing to do with my married life, he is the best husband any girl could ask for. Kim Kardashian was solo as she arrived in New York City on Sunday following her European honeymoon with Kenya West; she then connected to a flight home to Los Angeles unaccompanied and she is explaining everything now.

Kim Kardashian Enjoyed Irish Honeymoon
Kim Kardashian Leave the Irish To go back home

She wrote: ‘Missed my baby girl so much! Excited to be home to squeeze her so tight!’and she added ‘Congrats Renelou & JP!!!!!! Such a beautiful wedding! Wishing you a lifetime of love & happiness. She took time to congratulated Kanye’s stylist Renelou Padora, who got married in Prague at the weekend, where Kim and Kanye attended and they enjoyed it very much.
I personally think that if Kim Kardashian Enjoyed Irish Honeymoon then we should be happy for her instead of making rumors, and if you take a look at the picture of her leaving her hotel while he was standing right behind her shows how much he is sad, he has long face while she is getting in the car to go to airport and she seems sad too. They both are sad to getting apart from each other, not because their wedding is on the rocks.

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