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Kendall Jenner Looks great At The Met Gala

What we all have been talking about since last Saturday? I know Met Gala 2014 and the only rightful appearance of Kardashian person was Kendall, she looks absolutely gorgeous, Kendall Jenner Looks great At The Met Gala, Met Gala which is fashion industry’s most anticipated event where we see celebrities in stunningly expensive designer gowns and styles and they enjoy the clicking and they have lots of fun with each other and normally people start their preparations from the start of the year, the price of the entry ticket was $10000-$25000 and all the money goes to the charity and it was the very first time when Kendall was attending the The Met Gala, and I bet she would have a big large amount to spend on the occasion, but Kendall Jenner Topshop, I know that she tries to keep things real and she always maintain her own age in her looks, and we all know that if you give some money to a teen, she would run to teen favourite Topshop and even though it was not high profiled dress, but a corset mermaid number in pale pink satin was making her look stunning, Kendall Jenner Looks great At The Met Gala in such a simple dress too.Kendall Jenner Looks great At The Met Gala
The most talented and the hardworking kardashian 18-year-old Kendall went high street with her dress, but she picked magically brilliant accessories to compliment her looks, she was showing off the perfect neck with a stunning Chopard diamond chocker necklace, and her entire look was sweet and cute and she was not the only one in Topshop, Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn and Toni Garrn all dressed in custom designs by the brand and she was looking absolutely gorgeous in her skin fitted gown, she shared few pictures of herself riding the car which was not as much fun since with the perfect fitting, it was impossible for her to bend her legs and sit down, she was lying on the back of her car set, she did share couple of images of her lying across the back seat, and wrote: ‘Corset dress = no sitting in the car LOL.
Kendall did shared some of picture with her younger sister Kylie, 16 who does not look 16 years at all , although Kendall looked great on red carpet in a pale pink satin corset mermaid number which was showing off her toned sleek and perfectly shaped tall body and very professionally done makeup was showing off her perfect features too, with eyeliner, dramatic mascara, a hint of blush, and light pink lipstick was the perfect touch with her sweet baby like face, she looked perfect on the red carpet.

Kendall Jenner Looks great At The Met Gala
Kendall Jenner Looks great At The Met Gala and I must say that she was the only one who does have some reason to be one red carpet of Met Gala, I bet she could buy any other rich and famous brand, even if she wanted to pay for herself, but she did not and I am not complaining about it, she was looking absolutely gorgeous in her sweet dress, Kim was looking nice, but she was there cause she happened to dating the successful person, no offense, but Kendall did earn it and she should be proud of herself.

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