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Katie Piper Reveals Baby Daughter Belle Will Walk Up The Wedding Aisle

Katie Piper Reveals Baby Daughter Belle Will Walk Up The Wedding Aisle

Katie Piper wants other to know that her baby daughter “Belle” will walk her up the wedding aisle while she will tie the knot with her partner Fiancé James. The TV presenter Katie wants her little girl to play a fantastic big role in her wedding ceremony.

Katie Piper
Her wedding date has not been set and they wanted “Belle” to walk up to the wedding aisle to play a big role in the ceremony. In the Daily news, the TV presenter Katie told that her little daughter “Belle” is a part of a whole new world she never thought that it would be accessible.

The little Baby has surprised the full family by trying to stand up and walk. Katie said that it would be very great if her little baby would walk down to the wedding aisle with them.
In 2008, her ex-boyfriend arranged someone to throw acid on her face, to burn her face and make her face ugly. She had 100 operations to treat her injuries. Then she thought that now she cold never find a true love again but after few weeks she found a true lover James who proposed her and now the couple is planning the wedding. She told the Sunday Mirror that she last year 2014 became such a lovely end.

James said to Sunday Mirror that their family has enjoyed the Christmas. Their were 29 people in the Christmas party which included both families and it was “Belle”, the first member and was very nice.

The couple was much worried because they work so hard and have no time to plan the wedding. There was no definite plan about the wedding date. The couple said that they don’t think it’s going to be a long engagement.

On January 5, Channel 4 tonight, Katie said that she have thought about telling what happened with her and by taking her to charity it hopefully acts to normalize her injuries.
To start her new life, she felt nervous at mummy and baby groups because there were lots of new people and she doesn’t like that. She thought they would think that why does she looks like that that’s why she want to tell all about it. But then she realized that it was selfish if she didn’t go for Belle.

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