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John Mayer Wants Taylor Swift Back: John Apologized For Hurting

John Mayer Reportedly wants Taylor Swift back!!! But we thought they were never ever getting back together??
According to News Reports John Mayer has been reaching out to Miss Swift sending her texts and emails about how much he wants her back and how much he misses her!! But wait wasn’t he with the Queen Perry?? Well YES! He was but as if the situation states Katy who?

John is interested in getting his old boo Taylor back. He has even apologized to her for hurting her back then. Umm guess he forgot his words remember when he said “Taylor has really humiliated me” what happened to that?
Well if you didn’t know!!

John and Taylor dated a few years back that ended up just like any other John and Taylor Love Story with both of them releasing diss songs about each other ,talk about REVENGE aye?? One of the very famous Taylor’s song for John was ‘Dear John’ and the lyrics stated.

John Mayer Wants Taylor Swift Back

“Dear John, I see it all now it was wrong
Don’t you think nineteen’s too young to be played with?
Your dark twisted games when I loved you so
I should’ve known”
Oh and let us not forget her very famous “I knew you were trouble” even in the video if you look closely she is wearing the shirt she once wore with John we asume he gaver her that and the Model looks a lot like him too..
And who can forget John’s paper doll right?

John Mayer Wants Taylor Swift Back

“You’re like twenty-two girls in one
And none of them know what they’re runnin’ from
Was it just too far to fall?
For a little paper doll”

John Mayer Wants Taylor Swift Back

It was clear that they were pointing eachother out but let us not forget John saying “Mentioning people’s names in songs is just not professional”,so we can conclude indirect diss might be. After their relation ending we saw both of them with some A-List hotties John’s latest hottie was Katy who apperently is good friends with Tay’s BFF Selena Gomez ‘awkward’ while Taylor’s relation with Harry Styles had everyone talking.

Back to the story!

Sources say that Taylor swears she is not interested in any relationship at the moment but She is very amused by all this attention from John and all the Cheesy song messages on her voice mail .. oohh!!

John Mayer Wants Taylor Swift Back

And according to sources Taylor is so attracted to John a reunion might be just a matter of time. Will this have a good ending or will we once again end up with some very creative diss songs? And some serious Gossip!? Guess we’ll just have to wait.

But what do you think is them getting back together a good idea or should Taylor keep on repeating her own lyrics “We are never ever ever ever getting back together”??

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