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Jeremy Meeks ‘Sexy’ Felon’s Mugshot Sparks Adoration

Jeremy Meeks’ mugs hot have been made into several memes. Some big names are using his face with some alterations. They are using airbrushing magic to use his face in their ads and their shoots. Some manipulating the handsome felon’s picture so it appears Jeremy Meeks is appearing in a campaign for luxury fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy. We all know that Jeremy Meeks has that one hot and sexy look. He could have been a very famous model if he was not a criminal. He has very deep intense eyes and very strong jaw line too. His profession demands that he have a nice body too. So he has nice features and nice body too. Media is very desperate to use these qualities and for that they are manipulating the images.
Jeremy Meeks was arrested on June 18 during a gang raid conducted by the Stockton Police Department in Northern California. He was charged with felony weapons charges. Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot has been made into several memes, some are using as their brand face. And some are using his face on their big billboards. But no one is ready to confirm that this is his face.

Jeremy Meeks ‘Sexy’ Felon’s Mugshot Sparks Adoration

Jeremy Meeks 'Sexy' Felon’s Mugshot Sparks Adoration
Jeremy Meeks As Model

Some manipulating the handsome Jeremy Meeks’s picture so it appears he is appearing in a campaign. The big luxury fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy are using his face.
The images we are seeing these days are absolutely the same one which you can see on the official page of Police Department in Northern California. They arrested him with felony weapons and thanks to police force’s Facebook page; Jeremy Meeks has become the object of affection for thousands of social media users.

People think that Jeremy Meeks has a very hot and very sexy face. Jeremy Meeks is enjoying a very strong Following. The Stockton police took to their Facebook page to boast of their latest success. They put his lots of picture on their wall and it was so shocking that people actually liked the criminal more than the efforts of police.
The mugshot of 30-year-old Jeremy Meeks quickly captured the hearts and “likes” of thousands of Facebook users. The face of criminal has received more than 60,000 likes and 7,000 shares already. The photos of an additional three criminal suspects nabbed in the bust were included in the post. No one liked them though. The image of Jeremy Meeks is receiving as much attention as that of the blue-eyed, chiseled-faced Meeks.

Jeremy Meeks 'Sexy' Felon’s Mugshot Sparks Adoration
Jeremy Meeks as Criminal and as Model

If you see their page you would see that no one is talking about his crim. everyone is talking about his good looks. They are calling him hot and sweet. They all think that he should consider modeling as his profession. The mugshot has spawned several memes, with Meek’s image photoshopped to make it appear he is posing for brands like Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss. They have removed his tattoos though. But still it is not difficult to see that he is Jeremy Meeks

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