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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin Broken Four Months of Relationship

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have broken after four months of relationship announced several US media on Monday, 27 September.

Very discreet since last June, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin could not hide their long relationship! The Hunger Games star recently separated from Nicholas Hoult, and the leader of Coldplay out with Gwyneth Paltrow after ten years of marriage, have broken yet, according to several US media.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin: it’s over!

According to People Magazine, Jennifer Lawrence herself would “put an end to their relationship.” A source has told the US website: “This is Jen broke up with Chris”, without giving further details. But another person who has this time spoke to US Weekly, “these two are really like but have jobs impossible to match time.” Jennifer Lawrence will soon have a very busy with the promotion of the new pane Hunger Games planning.

However, there are several days, the actress of 24 years had found time to join his new boyfriend backstage at one of his concerts! As for Chris Martin, several sources close to him confided that he was madly in love and could not stop writing songs for his beloved. The couple had even planned to spend Christmas with the family of Jennifer Lawrence, told the press his own grandmother!

But that was before Chris Martin, remained very close to his ex, Gwyneth Paltrow, do dinner with her last week in Los Angeles! Jennifer Lawrence would she had a fit of jealousy? Chris Martin would still romantic feelings for the mother of his two children? Gwyneth Paltrow has always been happy for the new couple, but his presence was highly discourage his younger!

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