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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin Family Christmas!

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin Family Christmas, It is more and more serious between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin, as grandparents of actress who trusted the Sun…

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin and are not ready to say goodbye to believe the grandmother of the actress who was entrusted to British newspaper The Sun, in an interview published this Sunday, October 12. While rumors that the couple had already baby talk, the two stars will first spend the festive season with family.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin Family Christmas

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin Family Christmas

“Jennifer’s mother flew to Los Angeles to meet Chris. We’re going to add a chair around the table for Christmas,” and said Carolyn Koch, the grandmother of Jennifer Lawrence. Serene regarding the new romance of his granddaughter, Carolyn Koch has other worries! “The family is growing so fast that we’re going to separate us into two for dinner,” she has said.

Grandparents Jennifer Lawrence will all cases thrilled to have with them, away from the media uproar. The grandfather of the young star of 24 has confessed: “Jennifer does not like to be in the light Looks like she loves to give interviews, but she just gives out the change.”. He added: “The fame has not changed and is still humble and keeps feet on the ground.”.

In a Vanity Fair this month, Jennifer Lawrence was also indignant at seeing her nude photos posted on the Internet. She even spoke of “sex crime.” The story is not over yet, as the hacker responsible for these leaks can not see where the problem is and is ready to start!

Also in Vanity Fair, Jennifer Lawrence had joked his love to the producer of Seinfeld, Larry David. Far from taking the thing in the second degree, it simply retorted: “Gentille kid … It’s a shame, I’m 40 years older than her!” Sorry Jennifer, we have to settle for Chris!

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