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Jamaican Tamarind Balls Recipe

I am felling love with Jamaican tradition and rich Jamaican culture, they adopt everything you offer and they give you so generously whatever you ask and the Jamaican Tamarind Balls Recipe is one of the most versatile recipe I know, it’s citric since we are using tamarind as the main ingredients of Jamaican Tamarind Balls Recipe, but it taste yummy, Tamarind Balls are sweet and sour nature’s candy at its best to try no matter what season,  If you are not a citric fan then you can stop right here, cause it is going to be slightly tartly, tamarind looks like a bean pod with a crisp, brown shell, but the fruit is slightly sticky, tart and sweet with several seeds in each pod and it taste yummy without cooking it, you can actually eat it direct from treat too if you are a tart fan, but if you eat too many tamarinds your tongue will get sore and keep you from eating anything for days.

Jamaican Tamarind Balls
Jamaican Tamarind Balls

If you are not form exotic place then you might need to visit herbal stores to get tamarind because tamarind balls are made with the fruit’s sticky flesh rolled with brown sugar into round sweet and sour balls. Now I will tell you my version, I love it with spicy style, you can add spicy with hot pepper or black paper; you can use some ginger powder too if you like or add some Jamaican rum to make it even naughty and tasty. It is one of the best and the easiest way to make Jamaican Tamarind Balls and you can keep experimenting with it and make the one you like, some people add some roosted nut powder in it too and it taste yummier and rich, you can try it too, but sometime when we eat slightly citric thing, our teeth get sanative and crushed nuts feel bad on teeth, but if that is not your issues the you can try some nuts too, I will suggest cashew nuts, they taste super rich and yummy with Jamaican Tamarind Balls

The simple recipe a Jamaican woman gave me was sound like this, take two parts brown sugar with 1 part tamarind flesh and mix it well and add liquid like water or rum to get the right consistency and then make small balls and then I roll them in the sugar and again in hand and again in sugar and you are done, it sound so simple and the way she was talking was so cuter, like its nothing, but it turns out, making Jamaican Tamarind Balls is as simple as it sounds.

Jamaican Tamarind Balls
Jamaican Tamarind Balls

You can make it in any season, but during summer you get fresh Tamarind and then you can make it with fresh flash and store tamarind balls in a sealed container for a few weeks, they taste yummy, but don’t eat too many at one time, they can give you sick tummy and sore tongue and now I am giving you the recipe I followed to make Jamaican Tamarind Balls, it was pretty much the same she told me so its her recipe.

Ingredients to make Jamaican Tamarind Balls

1/2 cup tamarind flesh
1 cup brown sugar or granulated sugar
Granulated sugar for rolling too

Method to make Jamaican Tamarind Balls

Jamaican Tamarind Balls
Jamaican Tamarind Balls

You need to take tamarind flesh in a small bowl and then add brown sugar and mix with hands, and then roll into smooth balls about 1/4 inch in diameter and then place some sugar in a plate and roll these Jamaican Tamarind Balls in that sugar and then roll with hands and then in sugar and they are done store in some airtight jar and enjoy Jamaican Tamarind Balls when you want.

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