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How To Use Makeup Brushes & Simple Makeup Ideas

The look I am going to share today is absolutely naked and yet it will give some simple definition to your looks which you need to look cool and well made without showing off that you have been working so hard to look that much casual and Another Simple Everyday Look the beautiful thing about that look is when you apply How To Use Makeup Brushes these combination of urban decay naked 3 all you see is a plain line of liner and mascara but actually it make your eyes look bright well shaped and well groomed too and the sweet thing I love about this look I you can apply it in the morning and it will brighten your look within 5 minutes  yes literally 5 minutes especially if you are not applying too much base or you are not going in deep contouring even if you don’t have super steady hands since I am using eye liner pencils to line the lash line and lid and it will give you super cuter look I normally use pencil instead of liner or liquid or gel liner  I prefer gel liner when I need a super smooth finish and liquid when I need a glamorous diva look but I rarely use these during my day to day life cause they require pro strokes and I don’t feel that good in the mornings so are you ready to get this beautiful smooth sweet day to day look.

How To Use Makeup Brushes

How To Use Makeup Brushes & Simple Makeup Ideas

How To Use Makeup Brushes We will start with applying face primer and then we will apply some tint moisturizer or some CREAM and blend well and then we will take some lose powder to set the look, after that we will take some eye primer and apply on the eyelid and blend well now we will take perfect matching shade and we will groom the eye brows it is very important that you groom your eye brows and you give your primer some time to get fully absorbed now we will start with the shades take STRANGE with your small eye shade brush and we will wash the lid with it absolutely perfectly you can apply from your lash line to brow bone and blend well to get a smooth lighter base.

Small Fluffy Brush:

Small Fluffy Brush

Now take small fluffy brush and take DUST and apply How To Use Makeup Brushes on the lid and bled in horizontal way don’t apply over the crease though now take TRICK with the same brush and apply on the outer corner and blend it in and over some crease too we need that brownish orange shimmer to add some depth in your blend with small brush if you have small lid don’t cover all the lid with this shade just a bit on the outer corner and in the crease now take LIAR with small brush and tab over the center of your lid  don’t blend too much, just tab tab tab to get smoother center…

Small Crease Brush:

Small Crease Brush

How To Use Makeup Brushes Now you need to take BLACK HEART with small crease brush and apply it on the corner of your lid and blend it increase to add some depth How To Use Makeup Brushes now take BLACK HEART with the liner brush and lien under the lower lash line and then smudge it a bit with your ring finger now you need to line your upper lash line you can use any product you like to line a small wing over yr upper lash line and finish the look with mascara.Apply natural lip shade with it and you are done.

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