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How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget in 3 Months

Today we are going to give you some simple tips regarding planning a wedding within three months and I am giving you some simple tips which will actually help you to arrange a perfect successful wedding within three months:) the wedding I am going to plan with you is a budged wedding for me and you can spend $3500 for your 150 guest, but I would say pick small list of guest if you want to enjoy each and every second of your weeding.

1- Get The Basics Set:- This is the most important thing which you need to do to get perfect planning, just sit down with your groom and clear the most basic things, including, money, date, time, place, numbers of guests, normally parents of both sides help the couple with money for the wedding, either they divided the month or they pay some amount to the couple and they can spend whatever they want and can save some, it is all up to them., so talk to your parents and get the perfect ideas about each and everything and write it down.

How To Plan A Wedding On A Small Budget

Basics Set for wedding2- Next thing that you need to do is, start working practically on the things, you need to divided the things between both of you and start working, you know the date so start arranging the things accordingly, choose the date, time and place and then start booking, you need to look for church, how to plan a wedding, the town hall, or the place you like to get married in, then book DJ, or bands it is all up to you what kind of marriage is you planning, just don’t even think about going out of your budget cause it will put strain in your marriage later, how to plan a wedding so try to get as much discount as much you can while you book for restaurant menu, decorations, cameraman, photographer, DJ, wedding cake etc.

3- The Guest List:- Well I would say invite both of your families and sit down with them and arrange the guest list, don’t estimate it, you need to know the exact numbers, how to plan a wedding and write it down, make two list of this list, one for you and one for your man, it will make things easier to arrange.

The Guest List4- Cash For Wedding Gift:- Well!  I personally think that when you arrange your own wedding, you should keep it simple and smaller and for that call people who are close family and friends and ask for cash for wedding gift and guess what, when you sit with your loved one, you can make them do whatever you like and how to plan a wedding they would be more happier to pay you instead of walking market to market to pick a suitable gift for you.

Cash For Wedding Gift5- Rental Wedding Dress:- If you are planning to buy a new bridal dress for your big fat weeding then let me tell you that it will sabotage your whole budget for sure, why is that so, well it will cost you more than some hundreds to get a new bridal dress and if you are picking a designer dress then it would cost you more than 5 digits and it is not even worthy, you will regret doing that, renting is a beautiful  option and how to plan a wedding, it is nice too, it would be so much cheaper, plus why would you want to own a dress worth 5 digits that you would only wear once in your life? Well, you can rend a beautiful and how to plan a wedding brand new bridal dress within some 100s, I can tell you that you can get it under 100 too and then you can pay some 20s for dry-cleaning and its perfect and you can save more money by doing your own look too, you can ask some help from your bridesmaids if you want to.

Rental Wedding Dress

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